Stop it blizzard!


Look, I am a Bad Player.
My winrate is waaaaaaaaaay below 50%
But still in 100% of the games I get matched together WITH even worse players (newer) than me and my opponents are always total PROS!
Someone suggested just to make all matchmaking completely random regardless, and Yes that would be better than the current matchmaking!!!


play with frends,
wht rank r u in storm league?
n wht times u play?
i wil b in nexus after 2 hours.
n once im in, i wil stay in nexus for 6 hours more, on n off ,

dnt complain abt issues of mm, ,mm is n algo tht can never b perfect bcoz many things cannot b put in numbers.

at least u can avoid the issue by having 5 man party when u go in game, tht will remov all the issues from ur side, u may b matxhed with superior enemy,
but wont hav ppl in ur team tht u dnt like to play with :slight_smile:


I recommend finding some people to play with in party finder. Not only you’ll find people that you may enjoy to play with, but you’ll also get more exp for playing in a group/with friends.


yeah, i will b in nexus after 2 hours,

if u both can join, would b great :slight_smile:

add me = Clipper#21680


They CANT stop this trash whole game situacion either!!
Just start accept this so bad whole game situacion. If cant, then install F2P MMO RIFT,and then will NOT feel sad,pissed off!.
A.tleast in MMO games ,everything is about long time sometime boring farming. But you will NOT dmg your mind and nevers.

Many time i did spam un general chat…
Im 44 old and work about 20 days per month! That.mean i noy have a.time for HoTS,of course i have free time for play,but i spend it in RIFT and really low % in HoTS.
If cant decrease playedtime in HoTS, then this would problem for you.
I know very well this game is like “nice,quality drug” wich hook in . But HoTS can only dmg our minds and nevers!!


I’m sorry to say this but if HOTS damages your mind and nerves, I think you should lay off the game. Gaming shouldn’t be stressful but fun and relaxing + if you feel perfectly happy with Rift, I think that you should stay with it.


Yeah there is no need to come to our forums and spam advertisements for it

I understand that Brutalnot may have a personal grudge against Heroes of the Storm but please stop blatantly trying to offend people who still love this game

We love it even if you do not

And I think I speak for a lot of us when I say:

We are tired of seeing your posts insulting our players and our game

We are also tired of seeing your constant RIFT advertisements

I play Heroes of the Storm because I like it and can stop anytime

You are not some hero who is trying to save us from an addiction

So please stop acting like it


Had fun playing with Reckeris yesterday :slight_smile:


heh :laughing: you again?!..its ok about…
That why play rare times.
And in sure you too feel sometime like that.
J know you would say to me " i have fun often"…
You cant lye me,im sure too feel sad,amaized from them and lose sometime your patience.
Look friend… i really dislike terrible young peoples wich not are NOT so good in game.
I canr be parience vs them. Sometime i can feel patience.


Who are you #??? I’m looking for you in game. :slight_smile: