Storm League placements


Hey everyone!

There have been reports about discrepancies during placement matches in our new Storm League. There was in investigation completed by engineers and this is the resulting message:

Hello friends,

This was due to a deploy error that occurred last night in the EU region. The issue was detected within an hour but accounts that queued during that window of time were not seeded correctly. We have a list of those accounts (roughly 300) and are currently aiming to fix them in the next few hours.

Thank you for your patience; we will get this sorted as soon as possible!

We’ll keep monitoring reports and might revisit this. Please keep your feedback constructive and in this thread so that’ll be easier for us to gather info for the devs. Thanks!


Hi, I was master 10000 in TL and master 1000 in HL and now I’m platinum 1 …


Hi, I was Master and now I am placed in platinum 2. I played some solo games and some with my friends.


Hi, I was GM for the past 3 seasons in both ladders so can you please check my account as well.


I have always finished in masters, sometimes even in grandmasters. Ive finished my Placement Matches 7:3, I lost my 2nd 8th and 9th Game. I landed D4

I am willing to play my way up to masters, as I did in earlier seasons where you couldnt leave placement matches in masters cause it was capped at diamond.

BUT I wont be playing my way into masters if I have to do it with people that have been gold before and are solo or with people that are silver and are in a party with people that are platinum etc. etc.

If nothing will be done about this I will finally uninstall the game because after 4 years of screwing with ranked mode I will finally have enough.


Same here, I was master with 4000 points in TL and master 1000 points in HL, I didn’t even play on the first hour of the patch, and I still ended in platinum I with 77 points?

I won 6/10 of games, I know it’s not that good, but man, I got paired with people in gold, platinum, and all kinds of trash that I couldn’t carry or do anything. A single player cannot carry a team full of people that don’t know mechanics or can’t even position well in a team fight, resulting in them dying many many times, giving enemies more experience, and losing the game ofc.

Why was this matchmaking so wrong???


I think that those “300 accounts” are all Grand Master, but this affects to all Master people.

PD: I was Master, played with a friend that was Master too and got the same SL points and Rank, we didn’t play until 8 pm so… not in the first hours.


Hello, guess I’m yet another one that is affected. Master 10000 in TL (at some point GM, too) last season and now I got placed in Plat 1. edit: 5:5 placements.
Please make sure to really revisit this.

I want to add: match quality was and is horrifying since Storm League launch. Gold/Plat/Dia/Master/GM all mixed in one game… yikes.


i was at the end of last Season HL dia4 (topscore dia1 promo) and TL mostly SoloQ Master 5.5k (topscore 9k #40) and got placed plat2 with 5:5 Placements.
cant be correct aswell…


i guess only teamleague rating was taken?
in soloq i was Master aswell but in teamleague i was in plat2 promo match to plat 1
and after Placements (5:5, which was from silver players to gm players… why btw?) i got to plat 1 (which would be correct from teamleague point of view?), and now in dia 5, i get even negative personal rank adjustment?


Master - got my placement games with gold-plat players from the very first game and got placed plat 3 after 10 games (6-4, 2 games lost due to having players that were afk/dc)


´ Thanks!!!


Hi, the case is quite strange, because it probably does not apply only to a group of people who played that early. According to the program, which has a friend (Hotslogs) I had about 2,700 mm in the Hero league (It’s worth adding that in the previous season I played 10 matches in one of the ranking options), although after playing a classification match I received the rank Silver 4. Why this rank is how unjust to me? First of all, I have a high mmr, secondly - people from Blizzard wake up please and see my matches on the projector, you can see that it presents a much better level there.


Same problem here, last season I was from HL diamond 2 and TL master, and now I am placed in platinum 1.


You didn`t played enough matches I guess.

I had 3700,kind a top 15,now I am on 3100,placed in Silver2.


I playing since BETA, I almost always ended season on Master (few times was on GM) now I started playing with PLAT players, as I see it from now, there is a bug with placement once more and I hope it won’t end like last year with the points, that nothing was done when the bug was well known.


I was gm last 3 seasons and im now plat 1 after placements. I really just wanna know if my rank is gonna reset or if this is my new rank? If not, when will it be fixed?


Can you get back with an update soon or?


Same issue here! Was GM in hero league last season and ended the season at about 7.5 k points in HL, in tl I was about 3.5 k but banning over GM players and with a massive personal rank adjustment. Got placed in Plat 1. Will we be re-assigned or how does this work and what happens with games we’ve already played? Thanks!


for me and other people was after we post on the forum, maybe they will tell us whats wrong till then they replaced us individually.