Storm League placements


Its reseted. Thats why there is no Grand Masteres yet.
During playin Plat I checked few Master accounts,its preety shame,all he do is placement 10 games and he is Master few seassons,btw playin in TL with around 50percent winrate. Guess they cant be dropped from Master,you must realize there is a such a good players even in Bronze at least,but in Gold for sure.

How you can calculate how someone playin,is he Plat or Gold.
You don`t respect your friends,look what you wrote.Now show some respect,and they should laugh on you.


i’ m not crying, i’m frustrated. i PLay since beta and reached rank 1 then diamond and from many(almost every) sesons i am master with 3/4 k points. if i play with platinums the games are bad i want high skills players and games. and to let you shut up for ever i’ll tell you i made a smurf placed in plat 5 and i climbed all the way up to master 1k points carrying almost every game and i can tell you that neither a master and a platinum want to play vs eachother.(i don’t want to do it again it will be so annoying and frustrating) so developers reset the ranks of those who were master and were placed behind diamond thanks.


Still waiting for something happen. :skull:


anyone that want to play with me can add me at Lupo93#2137 and let s carry some noobs just for fun


Still waiting for an update on this matter, don’t let the thread die please.


‘300 accounts’ that’s the biggest lie i’ve read all week and I’ve been keeping up with trump… maybe 300 GM accounts but I’m thinking it’s thousands of accounts of all levels… I saw a guy who was bronze 4 and 5(HL/TL), never above bronze 4 in the last year, play his FIRST placement in gold 3. If you think this is how it should be, honestly, I’m done with this game. It’s so good but matchmaking is idiotic, even worse since SL.


Same here. My friend and I play exclusively together. Last season we both placed silver. After this seasons placement games, which we played together. And we both played equally good. He got Gold 4 and I got Bronze 1. Really funny April’s fools Blizzard! -.-
Another friend of us with whom we play 90% of our games got placed Gold 3.

In addition to that the usual BS happens, that we get placed with low level account people and unexperienced players. Causing us to lose more than we should. Which is not fun! Getting forced losses and casual randoms that gimp us.

We tried ranking up, but instead of getting Gold teammates, your system averages us down to Silver and matches us with aforementioned idiots, which caused us to derank further… Fix it please.


This game NEED a RESET! this cannot be otherwise corrected


It took me 1,5 years from HL Silver 1 to Master 2222k points. Now I am platinum again, I still have 102 chests, 215k Gold and 3k Diamonds on my Account. But Im going to leave this game, cause i feel betreyed by the System, getting ranked lower Leagues again. I will quit this game, cause, if u rank up again, no one knows the will Do a reset again. Demotivation pur!


Diamond 4 HL and Diamond 3 TL, 5-5 placements resulted into Platinium 3


When are you guys going to acknowledge that you messed up and it’s not just 300 accounts? Every day seems like new people from ex master/diamond are down in gold/lowplat while bronze players are playing their placements in gold as well.
Everyone makes mistakes, at least own up to it so we know you’re working on fixing it somehow.


Was master during like 4 season afteranother, and now got placed 6-4 in Plat 1…


This issue is not fixed. I highly doubt they even located the issue… this post seems like PR dmg control.
I honestly hoped they would accept their failure and rollback to the old system… This is even worst attitude than what they did with PBMMR


Update from Blizzard would be much appreciated


The first 1-2 games account for the vast majority of your placement MMR, which is very unfair, considering you could get very unlucky in your first match and have an AFK for example.


I have an old account that wasn’t used in at least a year. When i played on it last it was in Gold 1 after 5-5 placements.
Today i was curious so i queued for a ranked game on it > Had two diamonds and a bunch of plats on both teams.


“Thanks” for solving the problem, Blizzard. :triumph:


This game is dead, move on


Dear Actiblizz, after almost 3 week you could at least say something, for example fu guys u just got rekt or smth, but this is such a coward attitude…


Finally reached Master last season and now I have to climb all the way back from the platinum? What the hell?