Storm League placements


This game NEED a RESET! this cannot be otherwise corrected


It took me 1,5 years from HL Silver 1 to Master 2222k points. Now I am platinum again, I still have 102 chests, 215k Gold and 3k Diamonds on my Account. But Im going to leave this game, cause i feel betreyed by the System, getting ranked lower Leagues again. I will quit this game, cause, if u rank up again, no one knows the will Do a reset again. Demotivation pur!


Diamond 4 HL and Diamond 3 TL, 5-5 placements resulted into Platinium 3


When are you guys going to acknowledge that you messed up and it’s not just 300 accounts? Every day seems like new people from ex master/diamond are down in gold/lowplat while bronze players are playing their placements in gold as well.
Everyone makes mistakes, at least own up to it so we know you’re working on fixing it somehow.


Was master during like 4 season afteranother, and now got placed 6-4 in Plat 1…


This issue is not fixed. I highly doubt they even located the issue… this post seems like PR dmg control.
I honestly hoped they would accept their failure and rollback to the old system… This is even worst attitude than what they did with PBMMR


Update from Blizzard would be much appreciated


The first 1-2 games account for the vast majority of your placement MMR, which is very unfair, considering you could get very unlucky in your first match and have an AFK for example.


I have an old account that wasn’t used in at least a year. When i played on it last it was in Gold 1 after 5-5 placements.
Today i was curious so i queued for a ranked game on it > Had two diamonds and a bunch of plats on both teams.


“Thanks” for solving the problem, Blizzard. :triumph:


This game is dead, move on


Dear Actiblizz, after almost 3 week you could at least say something, for example fu guys u just got rekt or smth, but this is such a coward attitude…


Finally reached Master last season and now I have to climb all the way back from the platinum? What the hell?


I like so many others played this game and clawed my way to masters, for three seasons. I came back to this new update expecting issues to be fixed and the game to be fresh. Yet to my horror I get matched with silver,gold, plat and d5’s and wind up in plat 2, it’s quite demoralizing all my hard earned victories count for nil. I though to give this game another chance as I hold it quite dear, yet this issue truly is the nail in the coffin. Could you please give some clarity on how we can move forward with this issue?

Thank you in advance


I am on the same situation. Was playing at d3+ for every season. Reached master and about 2000 points last season so was playing comfortably on master (I average about 400games / season HL)
I got placed in plat 1 and also HL is hilariously deleted from the game so i have to face teams too.
Have quit hots a few days after storm league came and i only lurk the forums to hear of any news that maybe they revert the change.


Just quit the game. This is a way to keep you playing, blizzard thinks. Just reset everyone and let them rebuild ranks. This is their MMR anyway right? 50% winrate. People in gold don’t know what objectives are, but they are gold still.
Bottom line: game is dead, blizzard sucks.


I played at 2k+ Masters and now I am suddenly P1/D5? Thought this was supposed to be fixed ages ago.

If you really want constructive feedback, you really just cant leave us out to dry like this. Seriously. There is no wonder people are losing faith in Blizzard. This is unacceptable.


Blizzard, fire the team responsible for the Matchamaking, that sh*t is just nasty.


U put me from Master down to Plat 2, now Im back in Master with a nice Streak of 18-0. Stop unbalancing MMR Blizzard!

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i went from d5 to gold2 with 5:5 sounds like a joke