Storm League placements


Same Here, Was Master from Last 5 seasons and today a Plat one :frowning: Blizzard please fix it. Thank you!


Hello, any feedback?


Hi. My team and I finished placement games 8 won - 2 lost and all got Diamond 5.
Hank #2538 Diamond 2 -> Diamond 5
Wallen #2856 Master 4k -> Diamond 5
Sourg #2843 Master 10k -> Diamond 5

Could you please fix it?


Hello I was Master last season and got placed Silver 1… The person I played with in the beginning of the season was GM and got placed Gold 4 and got set up to Master 100 points so I should be affected too no?


I was in my promo game to master last season and after the placements i got ranked D3. I won more games than lost and found my self MVP even in losing games. Can´t really see this is a fair judgement.


Ive been master/grandmaster pretty much every season, and I got plat 1


Ended last season at Gold 2 HL

Went 4-6. Also every placement match was full of people who ended last season at Silver 1-4 which was surprising to me.

Somehow ended up in Silver 1. Back where i was 100+ games ago. Very demoralizing.

Played right as servers went up, so affected by the reported issue. Yet my rank was not fixed. 4-6 from Gold 2 should probably be Gold 3.

Also I played around 200 games last season, so this is not about “not playing enough”. My TL rank was silver 4 because I foolishly tried to crawl out of silver there but I stopped that sillyness as soon as it was reported that higher of the two would be used.


Master to Plat 2

Me and my friends were all masters TL. After placements played togheter we all got ranked Plat 2 with same points.
We spent years to reach Master league. We would like to have our rank back.


Hi, same here. Got master in TL some seasons ago, in the last season i also got diamond in HL with 70% winrate, while i also kept a good winrate in TL (1000+ points and 55% winrate). now after placements (6/4) with other 2 friends (both masters in TL) we got plat2 with exactly the same points, playing with ex golds and plats who got a better rank with horrible winrates in both last seasons and in this new SL. Can you fix this? Thx


Master to Plat 2
fix that


GM last and season before that, played 7-3 placement games and got diamond


Hello there! I wasn’t lucky either. My higher leauge was HL, ended it with ~2,4k points, and got plat 2 after doing 7-3 in the placements. Lots of months of grinding feels wasted. Hope you ccan figure out something good.


Hello! Same issue dia2 player in HL ended placments 4-6 got to plat2.


This “hey we drop you one full league down because reasons” is REALLY FUN.

Last season 55.5% winrate, Gold 2

This season so far, after I got NICELY DUMPED INTO SILVER 1 winrate 29%.

No, I didn’t suddenly forget how to play HOTS. I just can’t play when either the other team is 4 or 5 man premade stack that has some GM-now-Silver pwning everyone, or our team has…

  • one or two people who have played less than 100 games of HOTS ever and cannot play their way out of a paper bag.


  • A special snowflake that picks his special snowflake hero as last pick into four hard counters and proceeds to feed all game.


  • Special snowflakes that have no concept of soaking, no concept of NOT engaging undermanned when I go soak


  • People completely incapable of looking at minimap

EVERY DAMN MATCH at least one guy is throwing everything. I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY WITH THESE SILVER PEOPLE. I had good fun last season with reasonable matches. As soon as you again messed the whole ladder for the 3893748460978th time, match quality is completely busted and my rank was just randomly tossed down to junk tier for no reason. And you refuse to fix it.


Although I have about 2700 mmr, this season I got silver 4, is it possible that my mmr from the league Hero has been omitted? I will add here that the matches played very well, even in lost matches, I got the best statistics and the MVP award. If any of the developers read it, I have a request for you, you could do something about it, it’s not cool to waste time getting out of the rank that should not be assigned to me? ( wrote Ignis#21462)


Hi, I was GM# 31 in HL and diamond 5 in TL and this season they put me in platinum 3 …


Hi Blizzard, I have been GM for last 5 seasons… last one ended with 18# on TL after placment games 9w/1l I have been placed in diamond 3… My friend who were diament 5 been placed in master 1000… I really dont understand your system but there should me some fix I belive… I feel bad now spending extra hours climbing back to master where is my place…


Hello Blizzard,

Got master on HL and TL last season and go back to Diamond 5 after 7/3 placement match. Some issue in EU server? Something to fix?


Happy #2502 Got master on HL and TL last season and go back to Diamond 5


HL Master 2222 Points 61 Games (61%WR)

Now SL Plat 2

Give me my rank back!