Storm League placements


If you do not know if mmr defines the player’s skills well, because he did not play a lot of games, he can not be put in silver. In addition, I also mean classification matches, in which I played a lot better than the rest of the players (my team and opponents). It’s not fair that despite the great games played, I was still playing with silvers 3.4 and 5.


As Ex-Master HL Player I get just 197 Points for winning in HL. Wtf is that?


Master last season, went 5-5 in placement matches, got Plat 1.

I think you need to upgrade your CPU, it doesn’t calculate well.

I can accept Diamond 1, the lowest rank. But Plat 1 is like a slap on the face.


Hi, I was GM in TL and master in HL and now I’m platinum 2 …


Could you tell us news about it?


So a friend of mine and I started playing TL last season and both placed in silver 5 with the exact number of rank points. when the season was over we both ended up in Silver 1. He had 51 wins 28 loses a 65% win rate. I had 46 wins and 24 loses 66% win rate.
Then enter Storm league, we both end up winning 7/10 placment matches. His new rank Gold 3, my new rank SILVER 2… Not only did i not end up in gold i actually LOST one rank with a positive win rate in my placment matches. Could someone please explaine this?


If u would play like a Master u would carry ur self out of this. I did it with smurf solo Alarak 65% WR easy 2 Plat 1


Hi! Same issue here.


Still waiting for the reset, any news for us that are waiting?

being master and now platinum is not fun at all.


I support the last 2 comments, I do not want to play in the collection of all leagues which is in platinum. I had a Tl master and more importantly a solo league. Who picked up the solo league? By my own efforts I rose to the solo master, why I am not worthy of playing at least diamond 2. When my friend was never a diamond, he was platinum 3, now he is diamond 2 and he laughs at me.


Hello, any feedback?


Same 2 me, this is a joke.



There is pretty much no respnse for a week, therefore it is safe to assume nothing will happend (like nothing happend last year when MMR got broken for some of the players on master). So the best option for me is to leave hots, as anyway many of the best players already had after HGC was canncel.
It looks like Blizzard want to lose the remining people that were on master :slight_smile:


One is wondering why the Dev’s always opt for the most complicated alternative when implementing new things.
So they want to merge 2 leagues? Fine by me, but why do you not just let people start on the rank they last played at? You save costs and nobody looses.
Instead we got this kind of mess for the second (or even third?) time, because placement matches are supposed to mean something. We know they don’t, but hey, its nice to believe in something isn’t it?


so fake masters (unskilleds) are crying because they can’t climb again. I was terrified by the level on masters, so I’m glad they will be playing in his real ELO


Its reseted. Thats why there is no Grand Masteres yet.
During playin Plat I checked few Master accounts,its preety shame,all he do is placement 10 games and he is Master few seassons,btw playin in TL with around 50percent winrate. Guess they cant be dropped from Master,you must realize there is a such a good players even in Bronze at least,but in Gold for sure.

How you can calculate how someone playin,is he Plat or Gold.
You don`t respect your friends,look what you wrote.Now show some respect,and they should laugh on you.


Still waiting for something happen. :skull:


anyone that want to play with me can add me at Lupo93#2137 and let s carry some noobs just for fun


Still waiting for an update on this matter, don’t let the thread die please.


‘300 accounts’ that’s the biggest lie i’ve read all week and I’ve been keeping up with trump… maybe 300 GM accounts but I’m thinking it’s thousands of accounts of all levels… I saw a guy who was bronze 4 and 5(HL/TL), never above bronze 4 in the last year, play his FIRST placement in gold 3. If you think this is how it should be, honestly, I’m done with this game. It’s so good but matchmaking is idiotic, even worse since SL.