Stuck in silver


Can someone explain to me how I am in silver 3 in solo when I won 6 games out of 10 and was MVP in 5 of them? How? When my friends win 4 and are in gold 3? Is it because I play supports? How’s that fair? I’m so fed up with this.


How you play in your placements diesnt matter.

Seeding MMR and who you play against do.

For example 5-5 in gold is better than 6-4 in Bronze, and 10 matches can just be result of good luck so its not used as an absolute meter of your skill.

The ranks are supposed to represent your skill against other players and are only accurate after hundreds of games, not just after 10.

Been in Silver 2, now in Diamond 4, it takes time and alot of games, not just lucky or unlucky 10 games to see where you belong.