Stuck in silver


Can someone explain to me how I am in silver 3 in solo when I won 6 games out of 10 and was MVP in 5 of them? How? When my friends win 4 and are in gold 3? Is it because I play supports? How’s that fair? I’m so fed up with this.


How you play in your placements diesnt matter.

Seeding MMR and who you play against do.

For example 5-5 in gold is better than 6-4 in Bronze, and 10 matches can just be result of good luck so its not used as an absolute meter of your skill.

The ranks are supposed to represent your skill against other players and are only accurate after hundreds of games, not just after 10.

Been in Silver 2, now in Diamond 4, it takes time and alot of games, not just lucky or unlucky 10 games to see where you belong.


How does it represent your skill when you’re paired with bronzies to babysit while being in gold/plat ?
You’re just doomed to lose points.


I am a Master player since beta and i will tell you some hints that might help.

  1. There is no such thing as stuck in somewhere. If your stats reach a plateau (50±2% win rate) then you are belong into that League/MMR.
  2. Pick heroes that have impact on the game and play it effectively. For example picking Nova or similar champ in my eyes considered as a really bad pick because it have no wave clear, low control and presence and no constant dmg in TFs. If you are the support I highly suggest to avoid picking Auriel, Malfurion, Lili, Tassadar. Try to be effective on Stukov (silence-root), Ana (CC and healing disruption in crucial times, BW (CC and global presence), Rehgar (slow and decent healing).
  3. Map awareness and presence. Controlling the map -> Camps, objs on time.
  4. Practicing your heroes in QMs until youre decent on it.
  5. Never pick a hero that youre rarely play or not decent on it. It is hindering the team.
  6. Coordinate your team. Watch high MMR games and get ideas.
  7. Playing a high impact role like damage dealers. A well played KTZ can crush the enemy team in seconds - ofc you got the hit the targets.
    Or winning the solo lane by denying the enemy champion. If the enemy team need 2+ to counter you then your team have the opportunity to pick fights that are highly in their favor.

Hope this will help on your journey.


You don’t understand what’s going on in silver. Often there are players who do not understand who should do what and how could you not be good character, understanding of maps, in cooperation with your teammates will always meet people who play non-team that do not understand that it is impossible to go ahead of the tank or don’t understand when you need to initiate if you’re a tank. I had a second gold, but by accident I was thrown in the 4th silver. At this rank, even people think that specialist is necessary if the enemy picked a hero from that role, but it’s the same killer and the role itself is in fact not. I’m stuck in silver, too. my winrate is a little over 40% but even being in the second gold met players who played non-team, that led to defeat. In end screwed up not you, but rating wash their hands you. How many times has it happened?. Do these cases reflect your skill at playing? Not fair if I messed up not you and you’re the fall guy. Constantly losing because someone had not come to fight, the whole team may not understand when the enemies will take the boss. For some reason I very often find the first grab of the boss. You’re trying to tell them but no attention. And such team is already obviously doomed to defeat against more solid. The same rating may reflect a completely different level of game commands, and much more interesting to play with more or less equal in skill, even losing, but on the silver it’s a crushing victory or defeat. And if you are lucky and fate will throw you with more or less team players you will increase your rating, but if you are not lucky you will fall from the second gold to the 4th silver.


I kinda understand. You can read my experience in Competitive Discussion -> “Master tries Team League on new account”.
It is not impossible to climb.