Sylvanas Changes


Hi Blizzard,

The new changes that you made to Sylvanas are horrible. There were a couple of defining traits that she had, that are now gone and I hate it.

Unlike other players who gave you feedback point by point, I will say:
Please bring the old Sylvanas back.

The D trait is bullshiiiiit, I can’t freeze waves when I need to, I can’t shoot towers at any point when I have the opportunity to, and all the changes you made are agonising. Also, I don’t need any of the other changes you made. I just want to go in, kill towers and have fun.

I know this is not in your habit of doing, but please cancel these changes and bring the old one back!


the changes r gud, l2p


The changes made her less fun to play in terms of feeling.

To me, whether it feels fun to play is the fundamental core of any game.
It can be buggy, it can be unbalanced, it can look terrible.
All things are forgiven if it’s fun.

New Sylvanas is not fun.