Tassadar in ARAM vs actual healers


first of all I love loVE LOVE the fact that we’ve had ARAM as our brawl for weeks in a row now. Thanks for this HOTS team!

I’d like to bring up Tassadar & ARAM brawl now that the roster role change has come through.

Tass was considered a support before the change, and still is. The problem I see here is that Tassadar is still being matched as a support/healer against actual healers in ARAM matches, meaning that when you get a single choice of a Tassadar on your team’s roster picks, that usually means the other team gets a bona fide healer such as Morales or Stukov on their roster.

I feel like after the role update splitting support into two categories (Support and Healer), this is an oversight in ARAM, as usually these matches are very tilted towards the team that has to play against a team with an actual healer character.

Can we do something about this? Sure it’s “just Brawl”, but single lane brawls are some of the best time spenders I have with this game. Most of the time I’ll take a single lane brawl over quick match, and I feel like this kind of stuff is happening somewhat frequently.