Team balance in normal modes is broken


The team balance in a normal mode like Quick Match, Brawl and probably Unranked are allways so unbalanced. I knoew that level doesn’t necessary means skills but for sure that a player lvl 10 won’t know as much of the game as a lvl 1000+ I don’t know why this system as to be like this. It is bad for new player’s experience in this game. HoT has great mechanics and it’s an amazing game but i must confess that it’s not easy for anyone to get used to it specially if this team balance system literaly splits high levels from low levels in a match instead of mixing them as fair as possible.:neutral_face:


dude there is a tons of high level over1500 even 2200 level who still play Silver.

I made new account and mostly play with high level around 1k,full bronce play style.

Guess the same players who blame me at start of game for low level and how I play with them sure share your opinion die like 10 times per game