Team Build and controll


How to build a team, how to manage the heroes in the team, and how to controll the fights and maps? Tips, tricks and effects. Ideas for the game.


Topic too wide to answer, so i will go with heroes i feed profficient.

  1. Azmodan - even tough i hate his current state, most boring and most OP of all his reworks.
    Basicly the idea is that you stay with the team and be patient. Use warrior to scout (let him walk into bushes, reveal enemies, apply slow if talented) and make enemy shoot warrior not your allies.
    Have Greed - mostly because you can remain in combat while laning due to range. Extra damage means you dont need to buff orb with black pool vs minions, so you can do what Abathur does - fight, soak XP and push.
    Refrain from USELESS orbs. Throwing orb at enemy just to get hero damage stat is pointless. Out of TF, enemy will heal ANY damage you do, while you could clear lanes.
    If you cant clear lanes - go gluttony - TF talent, which hardly makes a difference, but atleast it wont make greed useless if not used on minions.
    DONT GO INTO MELEE, Azmo received a HEAVY HP nerf, thats why wrath is USELESS.

  2. Illidan - mainly lane, soak, get camps. Your priority is to get 20 stacks of hatred. 40 damage buff is ALOT, as it also heals you and gets buffed by sweeping strike.
    Dont dive early, just harass enemy tank with dive and sweep away or simply leave TF to lane, get XP and stacks. When you see some enemy in TF gets high damage, use HUNT on them. Hunt and sweeping strike is 700 damage on lvl 20 burst on prettymuch ANY target. If you kill enemy, try to survive as long as possible, you will be main target, or should i say, enemy will forget about your 4 teammates who will stomp them, as you WILL receive all the CC, abilities and often some heroics.
    Learn timing to make super-lethal hunts.

Or go meta, and force enemies to focus you - let them waste abilities and heroics, while you self-cleanse, dodge damage and get extra hp from transformation - than just focus on whoever is closest to your team and “zerg” him. Meta doesnt have enough burst and lvl 10 doesnt buff your damage to chase squishies or be lethal as with hunt.

  1. Blaze
    Mostly your goal is to make enemies waste cooldowns trying to kill you. Jet-charge not to kill, but to gather all the possible attention, while your teammates dive in and slaughter enemy left with “aw shaite, cooldowns !”
    Stamina stimpack is made for this, while adrenaline makes you a more of a Zoning - not allowing enemies to get close to your team.
    WARNING - Blaze Zoning works ONLY if you have divers, if ranged sustained damage - you will deny your teams chance to damage priority targets. Blaze is mediocre at dancing with enemy tanks - can be bypassed by divers easily.

  2. Hanzo
    Dont take simple Geometry. The talent gives you useless damage. Scatter arrows do little damage and are very unreliable and situational. Its hard to hit single target with more than 3, and even with the talent, the extra arrows scatter wider so the extras hardly hit the same target. You not only need high skill, but enemy that stands next to walls.

Redemption - dont take if enemy has divers or Raynor/Zuljin - these guys kill you if you get in basic attack range.

Target practice - the weakness of this talent is only vs double tank. Redemption with Sharpened Arrowheads is like having Tychus vs Tanks.