Teamleague is completely broken


The majority of games, probably 2 out of 3 games this season in Team League have been with Smurfs. Constantly matched against a high ranked master and 4 smurfs. Mostly around 70%+ winrate and very few games played.

How on earth are people meant to find Ranked Enjoyable and wanting to continue to play it, when you have very little chance, when you’re a mixed team and end up vs 5 smurfs.

Warcraft 3 Competitive play also died out exactly because of the same reason. People abused the system, even worse - people lost on purpose to get a bad MMR so they could be matched with lesser skilled player to boost their friends in AT games.

People won’t continue playing this game, when the match making is this unbalanced. I don’t understand when other games can fix this and make smurfs less common in other PVP games, by having the highest rank on the team in consideration together with the low amount of games the rest of the team has.

But instead the player base is driven off to other games, as there is no longer much point in playing Hots besides Hero League, which is somewhat balanced. But with Hero League and Team League being merged in the future, basically becoming Team League - Smurfing will be even more common, despite it’s more common than a regular match-up it seems.

So I’m done with Teamleague, despite in the past winning more games than losing, my rank keeps dropping. I’m not a total amazing player, but pretty much every time I’m matched against a team that has no smurfs in my current ranking, I win. But what point is there, when there are almost more smurfs than regular players.

It’s more and more rare seeing players in Ranked, who got more than 500 levels. Most are around 100-200 with very few games played.

I don’t get it why it’s allowed to have bronze and silver in same group as a Master in Ranked games. Sure, they “might” be friends and all have 70%+ win-rate; but I’d happily sit in queue for 3 times as long to be matched with people who’re 1 tier above or below me.

But I suppose it’s good business having smurfs. Buying large quantitative of Heroes on several accounts, instead of singular semi-casual players having a fun game. Blizzard is completely Alienated with their player base.

Despite having a really enjoyable game, with quite well-balanced heroes compared to many other Mobas. Loads of variety - the poor MMR just lets the game down so hard, it’s less enjoyable to play ranked compared to league.

Several years ago, the game was good. The ranking was good - but I suppose Smurfing was a huge deal as it is now. I get it as well. One almost feel forced to begin smurfing to actually get anywhere in ranked - but then again. What would the point be?

It’s not getting anymore enjoyable, as people who troll pick, flame and are AFK, aren’t getting banned and can continue playing. I still see the same guy from time to time (on my team unfortunately) who’s always AFK for 2-3 min on base, everytime he dies. Happens all the time and the Facebook/Tinder Syndrome* is really a big problem as well in Hots these days

Blizzard. Fix match-making. It’s all it takes. The game was really enjoyable in the past and having so many titled games because of smurfing is just driving players away from the game.

*People who go afk for 2-3 min every 1min or so


100% agree. I would say this situation is in place for last two seasons and after last HoTS related news situation becomes worse. Nowadays, it makes sense to play only with full T5 but most of my friends stop to play due to described MM problem


Agreed. Whoever play with smurfs is the biggest problem. It feels that many cheats the mmr system with smurfs. I started to report every game abusers, but I think it will took too much time when game developers start to act.


Hello everyone. I totally agree with Monster.
I would like to add this:
In my opinion one more problem is the +%xp for ranked games. It just encourages new players to join into ranked as soon as they can. I usually see people with account level 20 in ranked, and when i ask them why are they here, usually they respond, “for the more xp”, “because i can play here”, “its a game shut up”, “just soak on bot” etc…
My suggestion would be a rework for ranked play.
1- Remove, the bonus xp from ranked at all!
2- force players to play at least 200 QM or Unranked Draft, before they can even click on ranked tab.
I think when the 2nd point come into effect, it eliminates the smurfs, and players, who experienced how hard to play against people with random teammates.

Maybe this two change would be enough to remove
-the smurfs,
-unexperienced players
from the ranked play.
I hope blizzard see this and think about it. Thanks a lot. : )