Thanks for basically deleting one of the most interesting heroes in the game


After this horrendous nerf abathur is pretty much a goldsink. as useless as a 10k gold mount.
nerfing his overall abilities/talents in order to strengthen monstrocity did exactly one thing: nerfing his overall abilities/talents, since the monstrocity is the exact same garbage as before.
first the vikings, now abathur, i guess chogall and murky are next to get thrown into the dumpster. maybe tassadar as well? gazlowe and hammer were born in the garbage so i guess they won’t need to be destroyed.
and apart from that what is there left except for the same 3-4 heroes in different colors and with cones, circles or lines in slightly different shapes and length?
guess i’ll be playing alarak until the end of time now.


Thing with Abathur is that he was exploited.
His Cooldowns reset each time you recast symbionite, thus you could spam carapace healing and cut spike burst cooldown in half.

Now his Monstrocity is VERY strong, His carapace build, is 6 second 210 shield + 22 initial heal + 1 or more healing ticks. Thats over 232 heal - lili heals for 182 every 4 secons, making this comparable.

As for being used on heroes, thanks to more shields and much shorter CD on carapace, he is even better with already broken comps like Tracer and Genji.

But once again, his laning ability got nerfed and fighting improved.


are you having a stroke? his heal is pathetic, it’s basically mid tier regeneration, the shield is a single aa. lilis heal is instant and heals this much without any talents. his laning capabilities are nonexistent now and how you conclude that monstrocity, which is still as useless as it always has been is “very strong” is completely beyond me. maybe at 200 mmr bronze 5 that thing lives longer than 10 seconds but that’s the extent of it. keeping the derpling alive is time you don’t use to keep your team alive or you don’t use to lane or kill people which is always a bad idea.
abathurs strength always was that he could lane somewhat okish while supporting heroes elsewhere, now he can support heroes about a smidge better but got his entire laning strength removed. he’s a one trick pony now. his one and only redeeming quality, his ability to do multiple things at once to a degree where they low key mattered, got shafted completely. he’s a regeneration globe on a stick now.


Abathur in general was allways a low tier hero with strong synergy on certain comps, starting with towerdefence Chen, God Illidan and God Tracer.

But after the reworks his laning got weakened, towers lost ammo so he cant soak ammo - another nerf, siege strain range nerf, all in favour of symbionite damage abilities.

The only reason he was strong before current rework, was because people learned to abuse his CDs when you leave/reenter symbionite. The current patch made him less exploitable, and overall stronger.