The blizzard ban hammer is out of service


Dear Blizzard,

Can you please tell us anything about the recent bans from reports?
I am currently grinding in Team League, and I can not force my opinion enough:
players intentionally give up games

It’s horrendous. Out of my 50 games so far, 10-15 games were completely ruined by players who give up over minor inconveniences.

  • “I go get lunch, gl”
  • “we are 3 levels behind. I go AFK”
  • “I’m leaving, because you died 5 times for no reason”
  • “lunch was delicious. Are we losing yet?”

I usually go with 2 teammates, trying to go up the ladder. But this just makes it totally impossible.
We always report these players, but it’s just pointless.

Today I have officially given up ranked.
It’s frustrating.
It’s not fun like this.
Progression is out of the question.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated.