The decision for all


i want you to stop blocking accounts for abusive behavior because you have an ignore function in the game. If a player appears in the team who violates the rules of conduct in the chat, other players can ignore it using the ignore menu that the developers have invented. The bad player is ignored and that’s it, no problem. A bad player can no longer write to anyone because he is in the ignore list of other players and logically there appears a comfortable atmosphere in the game for everyone. And therefore you will not lose % of the profit and the number of players who are in the ignore list because their accounts is not blocked. So stop blocking players for bad behavior.Thanks for attention


hmm…?!..i uderstand you… but problem is these young peoples or 98% from player base wich not use voice chat program , if they want insult you with smart way or report system not detect them…they.must to use voice chat intead in games chat. And that why they are silenced or suspeneded his accounts. :slight_smile:

Explain to me how then they be punished if use only voice chat?! This report system cant detect our voices! :slight_smile:
Is not perfect report system i admin that and know very well…but they cant created report system wich defite or judge what report are falshes!. Heavy roles must stay. And such players deserve his punishment!!
Stop " think" they do not deserve his punishment. Only fo*ols " think" they do not deserve his punishments!!!
But they can work punish ranked, unranked, qm roles. Not need such new similar report system.
Read topic and search part where i suggest new punish roles.

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