The devs do nothing to punish the trolls


Decided to do a Ranked game, the player with bans on our team waists 2 of the bans, picks a 2nd support when we have Anduin and then goes bot lane and says enjoy your loss. they then proceed to be abusive to players until the Anduin and our war player both log off and leave us with 2 ai chars…

Ive reported them but I just know nothing will be done thanks to the incompetence of the people who run this game. those asshats are to concernd about banning people who swear then dealing with players who throw games on purpose. GG dev team you are the worst kind of game devs around and no wonder blizz employ you, you fit right into their ethos of being scum


With all due respect, what is your sugestion about it?
This is freeware game. Anyone, who have email account, can login.
You can ban them, but they will be back with another account doing this same thing.


The solution is simple and would costs ZERO to blizz.

Just make so that players can up-vote or down-vote team members at the end of the game.

Who gets up-voted gain more rank points, down-votes remove rank points.

This would also fix leavers, feeders, toxic players in general.

Usually ppl gets around 200 points when win/loose, votes might be worth +/-15 points so if you play well you might get +60 or -60 if you are a troll.

This allow good and “well behaved” players to rank up faster and toss back all those who play and behave bad.

You can set rules like:
-each player got 2 up and down votes
-only 1 vote per player
-you can’t vote party members that already received a vote from a party member

Ofc more rules should be implied and the worth of votes should be balanced accordingly.

But is a simple and free solution that will fix most of the problems without the need of banning ppl from Hero League.


Problem with that is that many people can vote based on emotions meaning if they have personal issue with someone they can downvote even if the player carried the whole team and deserves only + votes

Also there are many players who dont know what is the best play meaning that people vote of what they believe is good or bad and in reality it might be wrong. Therefore it would be faulted system and will cause A LOT of complains and problems


There is no solution. Making new account takes 2 minutes. Then you can straight jump into Brawl and fight high lvl opponents (1000+ lvl).

Also implementing anything is not simple and is not FREE. It will require a guy developer who must be PAYED. Then it has to be tested by tester guy, who must be PAYED. Then it has to balanced by third guy. Did you get my point? Will you pay for it? I doubt it. So please, take down your pink (or whatever colour you are using) glasses down and look into reality.


Up vote and down vote wont work…

Ppl wil deliberately up vote or down vote as per their emotions, as said by PANDAGIC.

But yes, instead of reporting, there should b an option to “Block Match”.

If I “Block Match” a person, he should NEVER me matched in MY party with me in ranked (for ranked only).

Of course, this will increase a bit of queue time, but at least, after waiting a few extra seconds or a minute, the game will be good.


No there shouldn’t

Queue times will not just increase for you

They will increase for everyone else as well

People will use their emotions to abuse this option and soon you will find that almost no one can find a game in Ranked if this is allowed

Resulting in more people coming to complain here on the forums

If someone did something against the rules while you played with them then just report them

They will be unable to play Ranked if the reported player was found to be guilty


It wont increase for all,
It will increase only for me and the person I blocked.

But yeah, if not going solo, but , lets say going in a party of 4, then that particular idiot tht i blocked will not be matched, and queue time wil b little lengthy for all 4 of us, but isnt it better tht we DONT get him?

im not talking about toxic player, i can mute them, ,n i do
im talking about blind deaf noobs who sit in top lane while we go 4v5 bot lane on OBJ, over n over again,

or who just keep on dying under enemy towers for most tiny reason anyone can think of, tht type


There are ten people in a game

Queue time would increase for all ten players depending on the setting even one player has if for example there was no other player than the blocked player suitable to play in a game with them at that particular time

Now just imagine if all ten people had someone blocked

It would increase to extreme levels

Especially because most people make decisions out of emotion

Your suggestion is not new

I just want you to know that this is the probable reason why this has not been implemented in the game


hmmm, agreed.

But they should take seriously the reports.

Or … make it such that.

If someone reports another player. they should check it, if the reported player is at wrong, penalize him, if its not a big issue, just reported bcoz he said “your a noob, learn to play” , then the reported should be penalized.

In order to make reports LESS frequent,

this will allow HOTS to analyze each report

at the moment, reporting is much open, anyone woud report anyone for most insignificant reasons


The game must encourage good behavior. That’s all. Nothing else is required.


Ofc people they vote based on emotions, so don’t be a dick, and play well and you get up-votes, play bad and go back in ranks.

Is simple and much better than the current system where you still not get a correct representation of you skills, because if someone go afk or feels offended cause you picked a hero he doesn’t like throws the game, and you get the the same rank as him.


Hehe, have you ever met toxic person in hots?


Yeah…you almost right…
They do few waves of bann accounts when they was with many members peoples( or until quit many of them or was faired).
But now with small team…they will continue slow and not so efective!
And indeed " slow" is huge his problem!
Other his huge problem is …they didnt work or add to now ,punishment mechanivs for miss bans,miss picked needed class.
Not even exist new punishment count AFK program or mechanic,like if someone player do 3 x AFK.
I did suggested to them this year all this ideas…

We undersrand you try do your best,but is not enough!
We know you work slow.
But a tleast you MUST priority yours decions in serias or work!!!.
And if add and this huge half trash player base…
No commnent…anymore…
I play now better MMO RPG " RIFT", EVEN IS BETTER THAN WoW!!!
Ook, we will wait youore 2,3 years…:((


the thing is i would gladly wait thos10-15 min for a queue then sit in a game with ret ard and loose 20 min of my time