The World Needs Order


After 6,000 Rank Mode Plays, I would like to sincerely write my thoughts about this game, which accompanied me in past years.

Objecively, all my friends have left the game, and I see this day coming to me now. We discussed several times about it and all agrees: this is a great game but players experiences are very often terrible
When I think that the principle of a game is supposed to make players happy, I should leave when i find myself very often feels bad during spending time here.

How comes the unhappiness? Other players. AFK/Feed on purpose/Insulting words, all these make the rest feels awfully terrible, and we have to suffer the whole game, wasting time with the clown. And queue for next, after 10 minutes - “Dangdang~ Me again, enjoy your demotion game, this is what you did to me last game!”
People can do nothing but saying “reported”. What happens next? We all knows. “Report” serves now more like a mental comfort.

We know, humanity can never be perfected managed. However the problem from my perspective is, blizzard seems trying to be nice to all players. the heaviest punishment, as far as i know, is just to ban from game for couple of days, while those players could easily come back any days later, and toxic the entire environments.

So comes to the keypoint, I sincerely propose the strategy of hots team to be, improve the experience of the players during plays, which means to invest the resources to monitor and review the plays, where toxic players occurred, and consider on really shock punishments. this would certainly raise the complaint from certain players, but for the good of the rest, it is necessary.
The world needs order!
New heroes are great, new skins are great, but when you have them in a s*-like game plays, it’s almost meaningless.
Unlike other MOBA games, hots really emphasis on teamworks. As long as there are (more) toxic players, the rest will suffer from very terrible gaming experience, and eventually even becomes toxic rage players too, or have to leave this game. Please take consideration, we need real punishment on players who destroies the customer experience of others, so as to purify the environment.

I thank you for the patience reading, and would like to pay a big hug to the most excellent hots team designing the game, you shouldnt pay for the mistake of the operation and mangement part.


My thoughts exactly, which is why I left the ranked play 2 seasons ago and am only playing it for mounts now. Though with this season being my last time since both my active accounts are being dumped into bronze right after getting to silver/gold.