This is the reason of 30 day suspension. This GM attitude is a joke and emo


Thank you for contacting Blizzard customer support.

I’ll give you few examples of how you can be toxic without even using obscene language:

Here you blaming someone for a call

“pls stop doing bronze calls”
“your call gave them free boss”

It doesn’t matter if call was good or bad, it’s only your personal perception of the situation and flaming someone for something you THINK is bad - is not a good idea.

And a very justified ban, as your overall “bossy” attitude during matches is not what our players want to see in their games. They are here to have fun and enjoy the game process, they don’t like to be mentored in such way.

Best Regards,
Game Master Ingelgraeme

Thanks Blizzard for clarifying that any comment on the TEAM based game which requires TEAMPLAY is what you dont want to see except if you 100% praise the guys which go to solo boss and give oppositions free bosses.

My smurf is now 100% useless picks which will never leave solo lane. Because this is apparently meant to be played solo.


Well, to be very honest, your comments had no additional value for the team. Everyone knows the call was bad after it fails. If you would get silence for saying “pls no boss, too risky” before going for it, then I would be really surprised. Because that kind of sentence has actual value for the team.


Bax , i cannot agree fully . Actually i dont agree only with the " the call is bad if it fails " . Sometimes the execution is incredibly poor , even if the call was great and objectively the best one .
OK enough with the offtopic .
I agree with the OP , even tho his first quoted msg was bit toxic with the Bronze part , his other one have NOTHING in it to justify a whole ban .
I was more shocked with the answer of the GM and even gazed in my monitor for minutes after i read this sentence :
““It doesn’t matter if call was good or bad, it’s only your personal perception of the situation and flaming someone for something you THINK is bad - is not a good idea.””
Jesus Christ what happened to the humanity ? Is this what we are now ? Politically correct , soft as butter poor gentle souls searching for safe space in tumbl… Oops Internet .
Everyone has anxiety , syndromes , depressions and God knows wat else .
Please restart us , this is getting quickly outta control .


@Rhonin - OP defends himself, that those messages are important in a team game. No they are not. His messages added no value to the team. As I said, if he would analyze the call and warn the team BEFORE execution, sure, that would be a valuable team oriented information. If he would be silenced for such thing, then yes, that would be really unfair silence.

And even if you really need to criticize the call after execution, then you should at least give some constructive feedback (e.g. “please next time ping for help”/“try to avoid going for boss when their whole team is alive and missing on the map” and so on). OP doesn’t give any. He just states something what everyone on the team already knows.

To say my opinion, I don’t think any of those 2 sentences is worth silence. However, I can clearly see how unnecessary they are and if Blizzard don’t want to see such behavior in THEIR game, then it’s their choice and you can vote about it with your wallet.


Are those the only two sentences for the 30 days ban? I doubt it. I don’t think they banned you for 30 days because of those 2 sentences. You must have written some more, in fact
“I’ll give you few examples of how you can be toxic without even using obscene language”
So maybe the ban is worth.

In my opinion, analyzing a match during the match only leads to more discussion - which is good, but gameplay starts to be less important. Players start to think about past events and how to improve them during the game and forget how to play the future events.
It’s like a football coach that starts to explain tactics to their players, in the middle of a football game. How can this end good?
I know it’s hard, but when you play, you play, even if someone makes mistakes. You never know how to communicate with your teammates to have the reaction you want - usually everything is taken as a personal insult and you get a report. The boss call can be good, can be bad, sometimes you win it, sometimes you dont, but if you analize it in the middle of the game, you lose focus on the game itself and most likely you have a bad game experience (either you win or lose it).

And that’s what just happened.


30 days ban means you got silenced for a day then for three and then for two weeks. Then you were banned for a day then for three days then for two weeks and then for a month (correct me if I mess something).
I don’t want to say that the system is doing well but you knew how it worked and what you should expect in the future. You didn’t learn well.


Bax , yeah I agree with you about everything , nothing to say about that .
We can all agree about something else tho
– There is a massive FEAR spreading like plague for a long long time and now reached the climax . Talking about the fear of getting silenced/banned and thus not communicating in any way.
YES , it is real . I see it every game how people are silent like lambs waiting for the slaughter , no matter how the game goes . YOU SEE THEM they want something to change , and instead of words they use pings (even spam it , they SPAM the pings but they wont answer if u say " ? speak brother " . And those are not already silenced … they CAN write if they want .
It is because everyone knows that even if u didnt said anything but "hello " , you still are able to be reported , and the only way to avoid it is to be completely silent and just ping .
The reason for it is cause not long ago Blizzard said that they implement feature to fight " fake reporting " ,and it was :
If you dont write a single message and someone reports you , nothing happens , the report is not even sent .
You can find it in the internet im lazy to post the post now .
So there it is ,Either fix the system or remove it . We have mute already for Christ’s sake . People can just mute the person who is toxic for no reason .



just a friendly reminder that disciplinary actions may not be discussed on the forums — read here. stryhertwo, if a Game Master has looked into your penalty and decided to uphold it, then the suspension will stay — no matter how many more appeals you decide to send in. Anyone can tilt, I tilt as well, but just try to not let it out on your teammates who are trying to win the game just like you. :slight_smile:



Says a lot.

Don’t mind them, they are on a power trip wich have close to never been a good thing in the hands of humans.

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