To easy to get into Ranked ?


I feel like lately theres to many players that are constantly spamming into Ranked that are so low level… The baseline to enter is still like 10 heroes at lvl5 or something right ? Its kind of a joke that Blizzard thinks players at that level are capable of playing in a competitive league , especially with the likes of myself that is stuck now at SILVER Due to unplayable comps. It takes them 10 games to maybe end up in the likes of silver for there placements , which is entirely fine until they throw the game against some lvl500+ players who have been stuck in that league due to people playing heroes they dont know and getting trolls in games. So many people dont give a flying fck about there MMR and all that , they play for fun and dont care for others. 200 points is a riduclous amount to lose just because one player decides to feed and theres no way for us to report that and no justice for us players that are getting our rank destroyed from it either.
My idea; Push the required hero levels to 10 before entering Ranked , which should be easy with this new boost system thats in place.


i think i started as low gold when i first began playing ranked,
dropped down to bronze 2 or so and climbed up to platin 4
since the new ranked system i dropped down to gold 4 again and am currently back to gold 2. just cant invest too much time into ranked atm or i have to take a break or my teammates just drive me crazy sometimes

depending on where u stand u need a lot of patience

well i ve seen them all, the afks, the feeders, the toxic scrubs trolling one game after another and ppl still believe there isnt something like elo hell because they never got to taste it. dont get me wrong though, i believe with my mechanical skill and hardware i d cap out at mid maybe high platin and that s it

anyway it s possible to climb. it s not easy though. it s much easier in a group of ppl with who u ve played a lot with. but finding some buddies is getting harder though.


Its all well and good when theres someone learning , and I dont meen to offend here either … but im 99% sure in your early days you cost some other people some Ranked points that couldve been bipassed if youd been confined to Quick match a little longer aka , my idea of putting hero level up to 10 for ranked games to join as its a simple even number at a level that youd need to have a good understanding on multiple heros before entering.


i dont even remember when i started playing ranked, i only remember starting to play in late alpha

i wasnt one of those ppl who instantly went for ranked as soon as they could

ofc i made mistakes i m not perfect, but most matches were lost due to afks, unnecessary deaths and bad drafts