Today's Patch: Ten Steps in the Right Direction


I would like to start with the fact that I rarely post here. Two posts over two years of play, including this one.

I had to come somewhere to praise the January 23rd patch. It was a much needed general balance revision, in an age of band-aids and overhauls. As it stands (or perhaps, stood), most heroes only have one or two “competitive” builds due to extended periods of stagnation with clear power gaps between one choice or the other. Some talents are just never picked! But, it looks like this was a successful attempt at rectifying that issue. Old heroes like Leoric and Gul’Dan got attention to talents that most people have probably conditioned themselves to not even see, like Fealty Unto Death and Gul’Dan’s siphon life talents. In addition, heroes that are less often picked, such as Chen, got improvements to already-popular talents to make their best performance make as much of a splash as other heroes might.

I just wanted to recognize this bold stride towards adding to and legitimizing the build diversity of dusty heroes. I haven’t talked with anyone who didn’t appreciate the changes so far. Big thumbs up to everyone involved. I hope to see more like this in the future. When you look at our current hero roster, it’s actually enormous!.. but we can still double this game’s size, at least(!), by making talents more of a choice for the heroes we already have. Cheers and see you through 2019.