Towers of doom - worst map by far?


So i enjoy playin jank and do crazy stuff with friends on either QM or against AI.

Everytime i see Towers of doom the entire discord goes like “AAAAAW…”

I have never met anyone that liked that map and it seems like blizz has a hard-on for it because it never rotates out.

I havent played the mines in months which is one of my favorite maps…

I’d love to see an option to mark with your team like “phuc this map” like on WoW where you can remove a BG from the queue.

Really sucks to see that this map is so poorly designed because the artwork and gothic style is amazin’

TL;DR Please, give option to remove a specific map from the bucket. Towers of doom makes me sad because it is garbage


You haven’t seen the mines in months, because they removed it from the rotation.

As for our idea, I actually agree with you. I have the same with Hanamura tbh


Yeah same here we absolutely hate towers of doom. I wish there was a veto function like in starcraft.