Ty Blizzard for destroying ANA


Why Blizzard keep the reworks???
Ana was just fine like abathur … why change???
Now Ana when Trait is active moves slower than Deckard in real life.
Ana was a target with normal speed now even more when trait is active!
Can Blizzard wake up and dont destroy the good heroes of the game ???
Instead of wasting time with reworks fix the true problems of the game like… MMR and MATCHMAKING! Dont waste dev time in useless reworks of thing that were good.


Hey " smart guy". you hear something befor supports are almost immortal?!
Some supports should some have weaknes…to be killed! You think about that befor!!!
And yes they wiĺl work improvements in MMR ,MM!
Your problem is you dont know for what exactly they work and what his plans!
So what is a little slow Ana?!:slight_smile:
You cant survival easy now?!;


Aim down sights always slowed her down. However it used to be a talent option and now she gets it baseline and is completely optional to use. On a fight over an objective, set up, heal your team and if you get dived then cancel your trait and move away with regular speed.


Hey “genius guy” Ana was already difficult to survival and easy target for almost all heros … Ana only have the sleeping dart as her defense ( with quest complete could pierce ) so now there are almost 0 possibilities of escape if she gets flanked while using trait… And you as genius that you are say “dont use trait” and my response will be “if i dont use trait you have poor healing capacity” if team are in a teamfight…
Yeah they will improve MMR and MM … in the next 50y or in the next Millenium …
Ana was perfect …
You talk about immortal healers… are you a wood league player? If they want to fix some hero why dont fix OP Whitemane first ? Whitemane yes is immortal and makes team immortal…

FYI : IM LEVEL 100 ANA … Without AI Games.

@Xodiark When Ana get dived there is 0 chance of escape… Now i have to choose or heal team or die… I prefer the quest from E … but blizzards like to destroy his own game with useless reworks instead of focus on game problems.

Like Teach the players to know basics its a shame for Blizzard that 90% of player base dont know the diference between Bruiser and Tank, dont know soak lanes, dont know what means AA hero or DPS hero.

Im done with this game.


Ana seems to be a bit higher skillcap now but im not sure if it was a buff or a nerf really.

There was nothing wrong with her though i agree with that, not even the first time they reworked her for no reason :confused:


Yet another hero destroyed sigh

PS: 2nd post in this thread is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read


I don’t know what you are talking about, I absolutely love Ana after this rework. Baseline piercing heal darts with long range feels amazing. And you can cancel the slow when you need to.


Ana was always high skill cap but her builds were always bad.
You will always default to the same talent build.

Piercing Darts build. Why? Multi Target CC + Range + Multi heal = Why would you not?

When they 1st reworked her it had a chance to work with her damage build.
But then they removed the crits from it… so I had no reason to go that build.
Grenade build was always good, but now it’s questionable.

And even when they nerfed the range Ii defaulted to it.

I think she’s “eh” right now.


now is just bad… yeah… in a tf with valeera and illidan and kerrigan i wanna see you escape … you are another genius like the first comment here.


Just played her. Yes she is more vunerable but that’s no problem for me.
Infact one match I dodged more in my Scopes down mode then the dang ETC who has a speed boost. (He wasn’t stunned fyi)

If anything this is how I feel she should have been from the start.
A sniper healer.

Kind of like Hammer but for healing and more skill based.
I might say you HAVE to counter her now.


I mean if you had 0 dive vs and before its not like it was gonna go well if you didnt outdamage her heals.

Now with pierce baseline with the slow, you gotta get some dive, havent tried her yet and she used to be a pretty late game monster but looks like they got some of that power shifted it to early game and nerfed some numbers.