Unlocking temporarily unavailable since last patch


Since the last patch I am unable to play heroes of the storm. I am unablet to browes collections, buy heroes and my list of available characters is missing about half of my unlocked heroes.
I have reset my internet connection several times, I have powercicled my router, I have used the repair function of heroes of the storm.
Any support on this issue is greatly apreciated.

Best regards.


Hiya Lorgarn,

The problem you describe can often be caused by security programs restricting access to the game. Try and temporarily disable your security apps and go through the steps to close background applications.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


i am using the windows defender. I have temporarily disabled online protection and all firewall options. Sadly the problem persists.


Hello lorgarn,

Try and delete the Variables.txt from the Documents\Heroes of the Storm file path. Once done, open the Blizzard Desktop App and click the blue logo at the top left. Click on Settings and from the new window, click on Game Settings. Find Heroes of the Storm, and click on Reset In-Game Options.

Once done, start the game up again and test it out.


I did as suggeted, with the desktop app and the game closed, I found the Variables.txt and removed it.
I started the desktop app and reset the settings for Heroes of the storm. I can see, that this step worked, because all my settings are back to default.
Sadly my problem persists.

Best regards


Hello again,

Alright, could you please run a WinMTR while being in the game? That might show us if there is a connection issue.

Kind regards

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