Valeera-induced rage-uninstall


So, I just played a game against a Valeera that mopped the floor with my whole team (supported by zarya and aba). Super frustrating, she didn’t even bother engaging in stealth, always stealthing for no longer than the unrevealable buff, and always using the silence engage. End of game, 20 kills/3 deaths. Of course, this player was better than me and everyone on my team, but still, even 3 ppl working together couldn’t take her out. Plus, the unstoppable + movement speed buff is super frustrating. Not gonna lie, I rage-uninstalled after that game. Valeera needs a nerf, the post-stealth-changes buff to her is ridiculous. I’d be happy if her silence was reduced by 1 sec. But doesn’t matter to me now anyways, cause I uninstalled lol. Oh, and while I’m at it, Genji is practically unplayable now against anyone with decent skill. There, I said it. Yeah, I’m low skill, probably for the best that I uninstalled.


The reason I like so much playing Valeera in QM is that you never have to face a proper tank or any sort of peeling, only sweet ranged assassins, squishy like a tomato ready to blow up. It’s so much fun to exploit the punishing mechanic of stealth-silence Valeera on helpless ranged assassins, tipically taken by ppl who just want to brainafk deploy damage with no idea about possible issues on this playstyle.
I can only imagine how fun it could be with an Aba cap on Valeera’s head :smiley:


Certainly the best for you to uninstall I agree, you need to switch to a vs AI game where AI can be set as easy.

Valeera is annoying but considered underpowered. Genji has like 44% winrate.


Hey, thanks for the input. I remember you from a couple of games. I may be low skill but… I’ve seen you play, nuff said. 56.7% Genji winrate here btw. not great, but not too bad either.


Lol, my experience as a Valeera player is very different than this. I Try to engage, random instant aoe like Stitches/Johanna reveal me, stunned, dead in 0.2 seconds. i wish i had a Zarya and an Abathur helping me. :tired_face:


This is how Valeera should be played correctly if picked as melee assassin, not as ganker. Non stealth abilities gives combo points, so you can build them up, use all dmg, go to stealth, rinse and repeat.


valeera is easy to beat :slight_smile:


I wish her stealth was invisible again as it used to be because I can see stealth now it’s dumb.


Are you serious? Can’t tell if ironic or not. Valeera together with Nova are trash heroes and if picked in higher rank games would be considered as game throwing.


Problem is and in Abathur and this sh*t unbalanced QM fast queue mode.
Even GM players cant vs Abathur.
I didnt see so many trash EU young peoples with dead brain in my whole 20 years game life!.
You are right…better unstall the game.
Is not worth we damage.our nervers anymore!
Read my topic with suggestion ideas!
I guarantee to whole player base,if the game is like my version,then HoTS be best DoTA game ever!
For unfornatelly Blizzard HoTS devs team ,didnt get smart decions in serias to now(patch).
I know they will try make the game a lot better,but after more 2 years time!.


So since you have amazing ideas tell me what is strong draft vs abathur, Brutalnot?


Brutalnot? Why you went so silent? Thought you had great ideas. When it was time to prove yourself you went running