Watching Old Replays


Is there any way to watch old replays? I have a lot of old ones that I’ve saved and can’t watch because new versions come out.

I even played a game today, then went to have dinner and was thinking ‘how exactly did we win that last teamfight and win the game??’ and wanted to check replay and some minor patch came and now I can’t watch it… a game I played literally like 3 hours ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Look so they had limit count times

I dont know how many exaxtly.
Maybe last 4 months?!

They can think about how players must be encouraged to play his replay and to search his mistakes in game with for an axample with few game questions.
If player do not enswer corectly cant be alloed to play ranked games, a only Unranked games.
Or the game be turn on like " self teacher".
Blizzard must think about too early time.
They did said on BlizzCon would work in such tool where we be info what is our mistakea in game in end of game.
Like this pop up slide tool for our last 30 days achieve stats.