Where are the animated screens ?

I remember Blizzard actually trying to make the game fun back in the day but not only do we not have fun in the game but the game itself doesn’t look fun anymore.

I remember most of the animated screens had some Easter eggs hidden all over.

Is it just me or was it a year since they stopped doing that ?


It is called budget cuts.

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And where does that budget goes ?
Certainly not towards improving the game…


Investors. Obviously.


Yup, since Yrel’s release they stopped making animated intro screens for new characters. I saw it somewhere on the Heroes subreddit as part of a Q&A that was hosted there. I don’t have a problem with that. Waaaay better than hearing Deckard Cain say “The Nexus… interesting” every 3 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But I miss it really.
It was fun.

And who cares about Deckard, Blizzard sold him to china now.


Naturally you don’t, when you as an MVP, align your agenda and opinions with Blizzard.

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I guess it was too hard for an indie company to fix the voiceline repeating when rotating between multiple homescreens, as it was just stopped after Deckard.
I do miss them, the static pictures are just meh compared to the 3D intro. And it’s not like they don’t have additional voicelines, when you’re idle long enough in shop, they do talk.

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By focusing on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences, Blizzard Entertainment has maintained an unparalleled reputation for quality since its inception.

Hey, how dare you underestimate their grand design? It’s not a budget cuts, it’s called minimalism! Soon enough, HotS will run on command prompt and that what makes them greatest! [SARCASM]


Orphea’s 3D screen would have been just fantastic with all the chaos and creepy stuff she uses. Potential being wasted.

To all of you that liked my opinion on this, thank you.


Said who? Just because I’m an MVP does not mean that I cannot have an own opinion. Remember that we’re just regular players like you and not Blizzard employees, and therefore can provide feedback as constructive as you can! :cowboy_hat_face:


Constructive feedback in HotS.
Haven’t seen that since day one.
Even less, if there was constructive feedback, developers didn’t read it.
You know how this website has HTML and BBCODE enabled now ?
I tried all forms of HTML and BBCODE to post an image, I can’t, i see it in preview perfectly well, but when I push [post] it tells me I am not allowed to post links or images on this forum. But MVPs can.
Prevailed treatment.


Well, even before they removed it they became quite lame with it, I saw some Easter eggs repeat at different screens. I wouldn’t care if the game is otherwise perfect or at least if it feels like serious development is going into it. But it doesn’t feel like that. Especially not after such lame Blizzcon as we had this year.

True, but on the bright side I am looking forward to summer 2019.
They just announced new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers and it looks sweet :slight_smile:

You’ll be able to post images once you’ve reached the adequate trust level. Make sure to check out my guide for all the stuff you can put in your posts sooner or later.

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And yet zip, zero, nada information how you get said trust level, what the parameters are, and who/what are in charge of subjectively decide who is trustworthy based on opinions. Great system /s.

Taken from https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/new-forums-features-and-improvements/41

“Over time, these players will be rewarded with the ability to post more often”

Meaning, that without adequate trust-level, we are already subject to a posting threshold? A threshold to voice opinions? Sounds like we’re into the definition-range of censorship here.

As a general interpretation of that bluepost from the Overwatch forum regarding how the ‘new’ forums work, it is clear what agenda Blizzard is pushing. Anyone who aligns their opinions with Blizzards, will get carrot, in a co-joined effort to continue to smokescreen and push public image of the status of the companies’ products as Blizzard sees fit. And we all know, if you have a different opinion you are subject to forum thread lock downs, suspensions from forums, deleted posts+threads, well censorship is a word to describe it, but essentially you’re getting the stick (instead of carrot).

Lets take two steps back and view it again, why this is the case. Why would Blizzard remove customers, players, who expresses concerns, constructive feedback, critique of their products? And on the other hand, actively promote a ‘new’ system if you echochamber Blizzards stance, their philosophy, their agenda, you get rewarded. Become a volunteering agent of the system, by spreading the message, and you shall get elevated in status.

Food for thought.

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It does sound a lot like the chinese sesame-credit thing (not sure if it’s still called that), and we have seen blizzard eyeing the chinese markets more.

Perhaps in the near future blizzard will just become a chinese company and not even release anything to the west any more, from what you hear about the way they treat employees sounds like they’re trying to start sweatshops over here already.

EDIT: In case anyone isn’t really sure why these are bad ideas, it’s because there will be times where constructive feedback is not positive feedback, and the fact that they are so reluctant to hold themselves to standards they are willing to impose on others suggests that these are poorly thought out standards, and are almost inevitably going to be abused.


The trust level is supposed to make the forums what ? more restrictive ?
Getting lvl 3 trust seems unlikely for new players or most casual player that post just their answers or questions, unless we have a spree of love and everyone likes 20+ times on some random user post.

Posting images or videos or txt files or links with replays to report serious bugs are basically ELIMINATED from the forums, this means the company that boasts that they are listening to their community, just decided to restrict who they listen to.

More and more restrictions, I got banned for something the company didn’t like seeing and more, that post was hidden and removed after I tried to contest the reason I was banned for.

technically you can get suspended on these forums for saying Blizzard too much.

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