Where I can fight all the music that is playing in Home screen in the game ?


The music is amazing some pieces are really just melting you away but I can’t seem to find all of them in a playlist.I found this on YouTube : “Heroes of the Storm 2.0 - Home Screen Music (UPDATED)” but this is not all the music that play in HOTS home screen.For example I found one song that plays in HOTS, on YouTube and it is called “Medivh - Hero Background Music” and pieces that play during the home screen from different blizzard games are not in any playlist that I found.If some one has a FULL play list of everything that plays in HOTS,I would be very tankful,if shared.


Why do you want to fight the music? That seems silly. :smile:

Oh, you meant how to find it? No clue.


You can find anything in HotS itself via CascView.


Thanks a lot ! This is exactly what I’m looking for !