Why is nothing being done about the leavers?


How many people do you ban for nonsense and you can’t do anything about the main reason ‘ban’ lists and ‘reports’ even exist. Leavers and AFKers every single game… and you keep banning people for ‘trolling’ and ‘abuse of policy’. More sacking to come in Activision. You deserve it.


AFK bans require lots of reports, not to mention the player can’t just click report+ok, he has to specifically select “AFK/Nonparticipation” from the drop down menu.

All of this adds up to very few afkers/leavers actually getting banned. The best thing you can do is ask your teammates to report the afker/leaver.

Do this even when the afker is on enemy team, because if you don’t, he could very well be on your team the next game.


Most of AFK players are going AFK because they don’t want to lose their time to play with people who don’t use their brain during game time.
It is not secret, that 30-40% of the players do not even look on the minimap, another 10% are uncurable feeders.
Put yourself into the shoes of the man who is playing “acceptable good”. He is starting QM match and see his all team is doing nothing, but brainless brawls on the midline.
The tank is taking camps solo instead of doing his work, Medic doesn’t heal but try to do work of Tank, and DPS like half-brain diving and don’t look if they have any backup.
At some point, people just decide that they don’t want to stress anymore and go for coffee, tea or watch some movie.
And You are blaming them for it?


honestly well said,

look at the current state of hots, so many players have quit already. the game is really on its last leg , and blizzard knows it.

that’s why in order to make it look like its not dying, blizzard is forced to change the match making formula to throw anyone that’s currently online on your team, and pray for the best.

its not going to get any better from here on out. as the player base shrinks , match making get worse, and the tension between good players and bad players gets more intense with the higher frequency of said matches.


Actually, the real problem is not “matchmaking” - because there is a hazardous chance to get random players which will please You.
The problem is the players itself.
Blizzard made a good game, actually too good, for “today’s users”.
HOTS is teamplay oriented game. Like football, volleyball or sailing - and anyone who took his classes of PE during school times knows that chances to win a football match with random players are basically really low.
The paradox lays there, most of the casual players expected they will win solo - which mechanic will not allow You too.

The only situation, where You can have “good game” is if You find yourself 15-20 players You like playing with, and play in the team, where You use voice chat and communicating each other.
You can have GM random ally, but if he is not communicating with You, there is no game then.

Instead of that players are plaing solo, without any communication - which they could make, just by asking if “anyone” is using v-chat.
They loose a lot of games, than they cry, that matchmaking sucks.

This isn’t the way.


Utter nonsense… if you don’t want to play don’t join or find a team that ‘deserves’ your great skill and intelligence. If you are a j*rk you waste other people’s time. I don’t want to play with people like that, who throw tantrums because their team does not play as they want.


There is short answer:
“Find Yourself team, where people dont AFK” :slight_smile:

I really don’t get, why people all always want to “someone resolve their problem” instead of resolve it alone.
You want to play with randoms, than You get randoms, some will feed, some will grieff, some will afk.
That is how world is working - not a lot of people care about anyone other’s time or mods.
Resolve your problems yourself, and stop crying about it on forum.


Yeah…you are right too.
Indeed that is one from reasons why they do AFK.
But ,reason is in MM,because not saparating whole player base very well.
But and need new “heavy” punishment roles. Or with more games or time.
Only 3 QM or Brawl is too " soft" punishment role!.
I already did suggested new “heavy” punishment roles in my suggestion topic with ideas.
But exist low % of players wich worng ,when decide go AFK.