Why would the quests be so tedious?


Just a question Blizzard, why would you guys add on an additional trial in every event quest, that being that you must win the game for any progress to count, i mean it’s just so disheartening to have a match that’s going great, five out of six forts down in your teams favour but then you get hit with a massive bout of lag or a player disconnects, suddenly the tables have turned and all the terrific progress you were making just goes down the toilet solely because you have to win against an impossible situation for any of your hard work to pay off. I just don’t see why the dev team would make a conscious decision to increase the frustration by adding this condition to every quest, it’s just so damn frustrating when it happens! Am i the only one who thinks this? Just please reconsider this way of doing quests in future event please Blizzard, it turns what should be a fun and exciting event into a tedious, rage inducing grind!


Really? You don’t see it?

Imagine there wasn’t the condition to win.
What would 90% of players do?

That’s right - ignore everything to complete their objectives - because efficiency.

so instead of being frustrated a few times because you didn’t win a game that was going well,
you end up being frustrated all the time the entire event because at least one person in your group is not playing to win but to finish their objective - causing you to lose the match.

It’s really not a mystery


But most people are playing around those event conditions anyway, so to say that people are playing the game around a timed event and not paying attention to how to get the most out of said event is a bit absurd. More often than not since the event begun i’ve had MANY people get salty and rageful over these things and it’s just taking all the fun out of each game


These things are hard to predict
I imagine there was discussion along the lines of:

“If they have to win the players will try harder to actually play well, willingly focusing on the game rather than quest completion and thus playing more games overall as they progress around the board.”

Whether this has anything to do with the general state of monetisation is another question.
At this point, I’d rather the current playerbase receive a loyalty gift when the ingame currency/costs are reworked. Wishful thinking.

Poor connectivity and reconnection has been at least semi-consistently infuriating in hots since before launch.
It’s very disappointing really. That said, I don’t feel such deficiencies should impact other aspects of gameplay.

Play safe, play better, play more games.
Imperius… awesome !


Because the last time blizz had a cross promotional event for the Genji skin, Overwatch players simply joined games and went afk. Adding a condition to win in order to make progress on a quest guarantees that players will make an effort to win rather than feeding or going afk. Pretty simple stuff mate.