Will we get Broll Bearmantle in the game?


Since we got Rehgar, Varian and Valeera, why we don’t get Broll to complete the team?


Guess he hasn’t showed up as often as Valeera did in Warcraft. Many people don’t even know who Broll is. Is he even in Warcraft? I remember seeing him once in the Battle of Undercity and that’s it.


That don’t matter. Lunara or Brightwing didn’t even exist before hots… I just think it would be cool and there is no shapeshifting feral druid in the game so it could be nice addition (bleeds, bear form, unrootable, like in wow)


Yes, it would be great, I can’t think of a better character other than Broll for a druid shapeshifter. But as we all know the new ‘cadence’ is not doing us any favor. The last hero we have was Imperius, how long was it already? Three months? And someone leaked the next hero being Anduin (it’s funny because this hero is also related to Varian, just like Broll), so we know Broll won’t be here anytime soon.

Not quite true. Faerie Dragons (Brightwing) and Dryads (Lunara) have always been in-game, their ‘race’ models can even date back to Warcraft III. You must have heard “Ahhh… the great outdoor” quote from the Dryads right? Lunara and Brightwing are just a representative of their respective race.


“Not quite true. Faerie Dragons (Brightwing) and Dryads (Lunara) have always been in-game”

are you just arguing for the sake of arguing now?


I would like to see Deathwing after Anduin than another Malf-reh.


Not trying to argue anything, thought you would like to know.


with your (not so) sound logic, I don’t understand why we have both Varian and Jaina in team, since they are both humans.