Technical Support

Common Connection and Latency Issues (6)

Greetings all, We’ve been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what cause…

Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! (3)

Welcome to the Technical Support forum for Overwatch. This forum exists to provide Overwatch players a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. Blizzard Tech Support staf…

Known and Common Issues (3)

Service Status & Updates Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for the latest updates on known ongoing issues and details on any service interruptions. Breaking Issues I am experiencing unnaturally high amounts of latency… …

Crashes? Performance Issues? Read this! (13)

The future is now. Are you with us? We’ll be using this thread to track known system and performance issues throughout launch. If you’re encountering some problems check out the list below and give the steps a try befor…

Crashing on AMD Ryzen CPU System (3)

Hello everyone, We are seeing reports of Overwatch crashing on computers with AMD Ryzen CPUs. To prevent this, please update the BIOS to the latest version using the files and procedures found on the motherboard manufa…

CPU/GPU Utilization and Overheating Guidelines (3)

Overwatch is a heavily threaded game with fairly complex rendering features. It will use as much of your computer’s CPU and GPU resources as you allow. If your CPU or GPU is not sufficiently cooled to handle running at…

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