10 Competiive games as Tank, 3 games a leaver

10 Competitive games as Tank
2 of the games we had a leaver
1 of the games we had a leaver who rejoined after 2mins and they game was alrready lost.

Still a big issue in with the game right now.

Right. So what do you want us to do?

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Greetings @bubbleshoot this is why that happening,https: //gyazo. com/34aca076370ed09c03b49b3de1050a22 (make sure you fix link in browser I used space,bcs forum not allowing any links near / and near com.

Annoying isn’t it. But not much can be done sadly, unless leavers get punished more.

Please do tell us how you’d improve it.

As your comment is unhelpful and just enabling an echo…

I’ve already wrote my thoughts and recommendations about it on a previous post.
I post it on here to bring exposure to it.

You may see it as an echo, but clearly they have not resolved this issue.
Exposure will hopefully bring with it, change.