10 matchmakings, 10 leavers


So I just finished my matchmakings and I got a leaver every. Single. Time. Either first or second match, but always a 5v6 at least one whole match.

My question is, is this for real and absolutely normal? This never happened to me in other games, not even in league.

Im a new player to overwatch and I hoped I could climb at least to gold. I always play fill with Support or Tank, just to make everybody happy and I usually, pretty much every game, fill up the ‘on fire’ bar.

Don’t tell me, that overwatch is going to be just a Hanzo Simulator in normals for me for another 41 days…


I play avg. 10-20 matches a day, leaver are not that common for me. 1 in 15 games maybe.


In anycase the penality for leaving should increase people leave because its worth:
-game starts

Or before the gamestart i think you are in this issue.

I wish you better luck mate and enjoy your game