[18+] Do you have what it takes to be part of Asylum 669 ?


Another week passed, another week of hours on end playing with these beautiful bastards. :slight_smile:

It’s rare to find a place where people from all rankings play together. Bless the people who made this community. :>


Honestly best community I’ve been a part of, lots of great friends to be had in here, Love this place more so than anything else, biggest praise for the guys running this place and the wonderful guys who make it such an amazing place. 10/10 Join NOW!


My grandma loves this community! She gives it 10/10 fresh baked cookies! :cookie:


Everyone is so nice here. ^^
A really comfortable and chill community who treats everyone with respect and plays a loooooooot of ow.:wink:
I would definitely recommend it. :heart:


Day 29. Log#6

They have resorted to cannibalism. They are discussing cooking me. I may or may not be able to survive this this community of beautiful bastards. I might have to resort to another sacrifice…

Aeilon out.


Best community ever, everyone is so nice, welcoming, and in general perfect, especially our leader. She is not abusive in any way nor have I been forced to write this post. This is not a cry for (please) help.


I’ve only threatened once or twice… but don’t worry, you’re safe for now @Nokrei :smiling_imp:

If you enjoy Overwatch but also looking for a relaxed mature (21+) environment with movie nights or social events for making friends than this is the place you have been looking for! We also DIablo lets go!! :two::one::arrow_up:

PS: @Aeilon… I am pleased with the sacrifice.

Disclaimer: No members or families have been hurt in this process


Pretty mint group of lads and ladettes, highly recommend to anyone. As long as you draw of course.


Thanks a lot to everyone for your overwhelming support and feedbacc. You are amazing. Also special thanks to all our Nitro Boosters who help us improving server quality.


Amazing people, just join ur missing out


Day 37. Log#7

Still alive…most of my organs intact. More gingers joined…we are slowly gaining in numbers. Our time might still come. I need to stay low for now though.

Join the cause!

Aeilon out.


This is honestly the best community I’ve ever been a part of. As a girl, I felt like I would never find a community that I was fully comfortable in but then I found this one. Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly and it finally feels like I’ve found somewhere I fit in.
If you haven’t already joined, you definitely should, you won’t regret it!


Alright, after watching (well, furthermore participating in) this spectacle for quite a few months now here are my thoughts:


As a mediocre at best Overwatch player it’s stunning how you can always find somebody laid-back to play with in all the different skill ratings floating around, it’s very refreshing not being limited by tight “anti-boosting” restrictions or getting gazed at for pushing the rules every now and then. Events are currently in an experimental state, get-togethers aren’t always strict classic 6v6 comp-mentality beatings but also includes testing workshop madness. Delightful. Haven’t stumbled upon a single heated discussion yet involving bashing “low-SR” individuals, a very positive observation for a gaming community.


Now this is where it’s at, interacting with members. Boy, oh boy, where to begin. A thick layer of memes, teasing, provoking, joking and ridiculing (in a silly way) surrounds this realm but equally as much kindness, compassion and unity is to be found. A melting pot of friendship (kudos to anybody getting this reference). You can dive in, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity and just let your soul float around engaging in all sorts of conversations - ranging from food to your favorite cough intercourse position :wink: We don’t judge, we don’t condemn, we’re here to have a splendid time together escaping from daily life routines. Introverts and extroverts alike fit here, nobody’s left behind. A rare trait for what is primarily a gaming community.


Every online realm requires some sort of leadership to keep it all together, no exception here as well. What is noteworthy though is the flat “hierarchy” and the little need to intervene as things more or less run themselves due to people just being decent human beings :slight_smile: Mods personalities range from super weird to, well, super weird in all directions. There’s very few no-no’s you may get slightly slapped on the bottom for but overall the ban hammer doesn’t sit loose here unless you go completely berserk. Involvement and activity is expected though, so don’t expect to join and just lurk around in the shadows, Cerberus might come after you quickly and gently show you the escape route :wink:

In conclusion

Fancy an escape from dreadful reality and dive into relaxed games, sh*tposts and overall a new experience? Well then, stay a while and listen!

Disclaimer: written by a - by the time of this publication - moderator so post may appear biased to some folks :wink:

PS: got immediately reprimanded by our one and only fearless leader for not giving her the attention she deserves in this post :cry: So let me rectify my mistake as the humble and minuscule servant I am. The queen of this realm is unchallenged in every way, we’re grateful towards being blessed by her presence day by day and you shall experience the glory yourself by joining our circle of worshipers!


Still looking for more members or are the ranks closed?


Be our guest, drop by :slight_smile:


We always have room for more!! :wink:

Because bigger is better and better is bigger :smiling_imp:

You can join the discord link in the description or add me on HitLikeAGirl#2705 for any inquiries :blue_heart:


this a great community sound people, everyone is respectful and yeah great people over all


It’s been about 3 weeks but it feels like I’ve been here for a much longer time. It’s quite a fun and friendly server! My hamster loves it! :hamster: There’s a lot of funny and nice people!


The community has been growing and everyone is really friendly and accepting. It’s rare that I see a small community server where everyone just kind of clicks and the mods are passionate and involved. It wasn’t long before I really felt at home and had some good laughs. Come join this blossoming community!!


I am here to promote this community out of my own free will. All my opinions are 100% my own and not forced. I love it so much… the Admins are the best in the world and they BLESS us with their … blessings. I do recommend to bring protection, because you might get pregnant.

Also free Eplejus for everyone if you bring a straw.