[18+] [EU] Serenity Gaming Discord Community


thank you xaero, i will now release your loved ones lol


thanks for the boop!


Open invite to anyone of any race and sexual preference we love you all!


i feel like last nights give aways went really well. People really seemed to enjoy it


!00% right! we didn’t do a giveaway!.. we did MULTIPLE giveaways! Come join!


and one of our generous hearted members decided to re-gift his prize to give out during tonight PUG’s. #proudofcommunity


Another fantastic pug night! we also play HOTs and Destiny 2 and few other games! starting to thing about doing a movie night!


we also have a pet corner, where people share pics of their fluffy, scaly or feathered friends :wink:


Few events coming up this week folks! Join in to find out more :slight_smile:


what would we do without you bas?


Been here a few months now, to be honest I’m only here to abuse Abbe!!!

Fantastic community, fair rules, no kid’s (well some big kid’s) genuine awesome members always a pleasure to play and chat with. Don’t be nervous just join :wink:


Really friendly community, admin are always there for u. Higher ranked players help coach the lower 1’s. They support streamers and host giveaways <3


Thank you for the messages! We are looking for more Overwatch players to join our Overwatch teams!


Joined a few weeks ago and managed to fall in love with HotS all over again. Been great to able to play with a whole host of fantastic Serenity members (of all skill levels).


Honestly one of the best managed gaming communities I ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

Especially the PuGs are well organized and filled with enough players for hours of gaming and learning on how to improve.


Good community, they try to keep the drama to a minimum, allways people to play with from many levels


I probably would’ve stopped playing Overwatch a long time ago if it wasn’t for the folks at SG. Solo Q is hell, come say hi and we can all feed together, feeding alone is depressing!


cheers for the kind words guys :slight_smile: we appreciate you :smiley:


This community is awesome


while theres definitely things you can dislike SG for, this person is being strange and outright lying