[18+] [EU] Serenity Gaming Discord Community


Welcome to Serenity Gaming.

We are an EU based gaming community with a view to providing a friendly, social experience for anyone wanting to play video games in a community setting. These games vary in Genre (FPS, Survival, Moba etc) and our most popular games are currently, Overwatch, Ark: Survival Evolved, Destiny 2, Heroes of the Storm and a miriad of others.

We try our best to support our Twitch streamers and give them a platform from which they can share their content.

Activity is high on our list of priorities. All we ask is for roughly 5 hours of your time in the first week and then 5 hours a month after your application has been accepted. This way new Recruits can join the community with a reasonable expectation to actually finding people to play with, instead of a dead community with thousands of ‘‘Members’’.

Trouble making, abuse and/or harassment are not tolerated. We are an 18+ community because we value mature behavior.

So if you think this could be the community for you, please feel free to follow the link below. And if you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of our Admin staff.




Open team opportunity, join the discord to apply.


if you feel you could be a posative edition to our community then please feel free to drop in and say hi :slight_smile:


Woop Woop. Best gaming community and we are all really friendly.


A really awesome community - joined a while back and the opportunity to play with new people, in community events and in competitive teams has really rekindled my interest in Overwatch as a whole!


Garbage server full of gold players OMEGALUL. Having people from the server having to comment to even keep their sh*tty server relevant.


Hey! thanks for the comment! We take all feedback on board, you are correct we have we have a lot gold/plat players who are happy playing together. I hope you get out of Plat as well, I will see you on the next post! to da loo.


thanks for the boops guys


Haters gonna hate! We over here having a good time :smile:


Serenity Gaming is an active and well managed community! Quality over quantity!


thank you xaero, i will now release your loved ones lol


This server is full of racists and homophobes. Don’t join please!


thanks for the boop!


Open invite to anyone of any race and sexual preference we love you all!


i feel like last nights give aways went really well. People really seemed to enjoy it


Didn’t do a fuc’king giveaway. Reported


!00% right! we didn’t do a giveaway!.. we did MULTIPLE giveaways! Come join!


and one of our generous hearted members decided to re-gift his prize to give out during tonight PUG’s. #proudofcommunity


Another fantastic pug night! we also play HOTs and Destiny 2 and few other games! starting to thing about doing a movie night!


we also have a pet corner, where people share pics of their fluffy, scaly or feathered friends :wink: