[18+] [EU] Serenity Gaming Discord Community

By far the most active OW community in EU, especially in COVID19 times there has been an increase in fun events. Many kind people from different skill levels. Stop playing games alone and join this community ^^


Lockdown got me needing some new games to play lol luckily i have all these losers to keep me entertained :slight_smile: much love from my SG

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Found fun and friends here! Come join us! :kissing_heart:


don’t let corona turn you into a loner, come to SG and get yourself a b…unch of best friends

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What the do you play, guys?

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currently looking at recruiting for new teams!

Best community ever! It was very easy to become part of the community, everybody is super nice and supportive. Other discords are dead, this one is thriving!

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Thanks Vorarlberg, happy to have you board!

Open invite for recruiting Overwatch teams

Still looking for new recruits!

Still looking! Come and join us :smiley:

Looking for some casual comp and quick play?

looking for more comp? come join!

open invite for PUGS!

We always need new people, more 6v6 instant PUGS :slight_smile:

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You can still join the PUGs tomorrow, great way to have fun and to get to know the community.

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Open invite to our open PUGs soon!

Now would be a great time to join for upcoming events and PUGs!

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Come join for causal QP or Comp!

Hey. I wanted to ask if using a mic is mandatory for this community.
I ask because I just don’t like having to use a mic, but that doesn’t mean I don’t join voice chat and communicate.