[18+] Looking to have a blast with an awesome community?! ~ Come to the darkside ~


Lovely group of people, ABSOLUTELY NOT strange and TOTALLY NOT pushy but it’s mint :wink:


Been in this community since it was created (as I am a founder). First time I have seen a server get filled with truly awesome friendly people in such a short time and they keep on coming. It’s super easy to fit in and to have fun. Most of my time spent in this community is me laughing with friends in a voice channel doing Comp, qp, arcade or in-house games which include wacky workshop modes and PUGS. U will have fun here or we gonna put u in a stray jacket :joy:


I joined yesterday and I already feel like like home! I highly suggest joining if u are feeling like making new friends


Bunch of crazy motherf*ckers. Would recommend


Been doing comp and custom games with this community all week.

Lovely leadership who go out of their way to make people feel at home straight away and every single person who joined so far has been amazing. : )

Hope to see some of you soon! : )


Would love to join this group.


Haii Rusty! We would love to have you! :blush:

You can either apply directly to the discord link or add me on HitLikeAGirl#2705 for more info

Join the madness :smiling_imp::wink:


Fun community, nice people and this is my honest opinion, my family isn’t held ransom by the admin at all.


This is the best place for anyone looking for fun Overwatch and a good time, or a SugarDaddy :wink:


I’m interested to join you guys,my battle net is Zoéy#21193


Come right in! :sunglasses::chocolate_bar::candy::lollipop::cake:


Wildest community out there!!

Come and join the madness :wink:


Another week passed, another week of hours on end playing with these beautiful bastards. :slight_smile:

It’s rare to find a place where people from all rankings play together. Bless the people who made this community. :>


Honestly best community I’ve been a part of, lots of great friends to be had in here, Love this place more so than anything else, biggest praise for the guys running this place and the wonderful guys who make it such an amazing place. 10/10 Join NOW!


My grandma loves this community! She gives it 10/10 fresh baked cookies! :cookie:


Everyone is so nice here. ^^
A really comfortable and chill community who treats everyone with respect and plays a loooooooot of ow.:wink:
I would definitely recommend it. :heart:


Day 29. Log#6

They have resorted to cannibalism. They are discussing cooking me. I may or may not be able to survive this this community of beautiful bastards. I might have to resort to another sacrifice…

Aeilon out.


Best community ever, everyone is so nice, welcoming, and in general perfect, especially our leader. She is not abusive in any way nor have I been forced to write this post. This is not a cry for (please) help.


I’ve only threatened once or twice… but don’t worry, you’re safe for now @Nokrei :smiling_imp:

If you enjoy Overwatch but also looking for a relaxed mature (21+) environment with movie nights or social events for making friends than this is the place you have been looking for! We also DIablo lets go!! :two::one::arrow_up:

PS: @Aeilon… I am pleased with the sacrifice.

Disclaimer: No members or families have been hurt in this process


Pretty mint group of lads and ladettes, highly recommend to anyone. As long as you draw of course.