2-2-2 does not fit quick play


It’s an actaul gamemode in Arcade right now and you earn free lootboxes with it!


You do realise Quickplay is in Arcade mode. Just go there for normal Quickplay?


I believe that Is “Ideal” for those who want to RQ removed. They want 6 dps chaos. Thats the only reason one would agree to removal of 222 Role Queue.


Overwatch is a team game.

If you want to play a game to relax then don’t play a first person co-operative shooter where other players are depending on you.


Lol. I want to be allowed to pick a healer in case i see our teamhealer don’t do they job properly. And also when i queued as a healer - i often see our healers are bad and i’ll be much more useful as a DD, but nooooo, someone’s whim makes me unable to switch.


I honestly logged on for the first time just to express negative feed-back about this update.

I play for a couple of hours after work or on the weekends just to relax and enjoy myself, normally play Healer and Tank, almost never play DPS and sometimes play competitive.
For me, I now feel like Quick play or competitive is no different, you just don’t go down in rankings when you lose.

It takes out any variation or flexibility during the game, I sometimes play DPS but only on certain maps, if I choose DPS I’m stuck whatever the map, and it’s really not fun when you’re forced into DPS for 6 minutes of knowing you’re losing hard.
If there’s a healer or tank that’s struggling, they just have to struggle or fail until the end.

Isn’t this an update for the DPS players mostly? Guarranteed to be a DPS with Tank and Healer in support every time, guarranteed no-one will criticise for playing DPS every time. Except the wait-times for DPS are higher now, so DPS mains aren’t happy either.

If Blizzard really wants to place such heavy restrictions on how they think the game should be played, that’s fine, I’ll excercise freedom of choice and choose not to play.


You have the Classic QP in arcade.
So much for the “Quick” part of QP if you queue as a DPS though …


Shame there’s no other dps you can switch to, shame that it’s not a team game and you can’t help out your healer.


Just play quick play classic duhhh

you get arcade loot boxes


2 2 2 is another epic Blizzard fail, most of the players hate it. it takes away our freedom to play what we want to play and what the team needs, if you have 2 healers that are really bad, you can no longer go heal and help out your team. in a bad 2 2 2 combo you are forced to wait untill the freaking game is over because there is nothing you can do about players who choose a spec they can not play.
i used to love Comp but it’s dead Blizzard killed it, 2 2 2 isn’t to balance the game 2 2 2 is to take away our freedom. one fun spec about overwatch was that you can switch into other hero so the battles can change at any moment. now with a healer that doesn’t heal you can switch as many times as you want you still won’t get healed


Yep, and that’s where I spend 99% of my time now - the other 1% being in role-queue QP - but only if there’s a loot box on the go (so once a day max). Just seems a bit dumb to have your main game mode be so restrictive.


Better try some other game then.