-50 SR on every Disconnect


So I’ve got a certain problem and sometimes I will get crashes with no crash codes or anything just a “your rendering device has been lost”.

The problem is that most of such crashes happen when I join the game, thus I am given no time to reconnect, 10 minute ban and -50 SR.

I have lost a grand total of 250 SR and 2 Placements due to disconnect.

I’ve tried to solve the issue but I have not succeeded.

Would you consider adding some time, at least until the game starts or some sort of reasonable time frame so people can reconnect?


in my experience if you rejoin quick enough, you’d receive no SR penalty.
Unless you are so unfortunate suffering a crash within first minute of the match, which is then instantly cancelled.
I’d suggest fixing your PC prior going for comp again.



Please see the below link to a thread I created regarding the infamous “Rendering Device Lost - Application Closing”

There are numerous threads on this topic with a bucket lode of possible solutions. I may have covered most of them there.

Let me know how you get on.

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You have this problem yet still enter comp knowing its an issue???

Would you continue to put your hand in fire if it hurt each time just to make sure it was definitely hurting


Rendering device has been lost is a Graphics Card issue most of the time, since it is your Graphics Card that renders the game, make sure it is plugged into the motherboard correctly, any PCIE power adapters plugged in correctly and that all your drivers are up-to-date. If the issue persists however then you will probably have a faulty GPU and try resetting any Overclocks.


in my case it is a GPU driver problem that causes the rendering device lost. I have a 1060, therefor never had that error with the 750ti.

I uninstalled the GPU drivers with DDU, installed the drivers from the msi website (from februari last year, but ok, i wanted to give it a try)… and the errors were gone for weeks… then there was an update from the driver in januari, installed it and after a few matched again the error… so again back to the old driver and problem solved…

I suggest to NOT play competetive until the problem is fixed, because others will lose sr to, and i suggest to uninstall the GPU drivers with DDU and install the original (but old) drivers