5v5 demos with OWL players didn't even look like OW

Considering that these are some of the best players in the world, it is highly concerning to me that the OW2 play tests did not look anything like an Overwatch match with strategy and coordination. Instead, it just looked like some sort of 5v5 team deathmatch where tanks --sorry-- tank, were useless and it was all about dps players. It’s no wonder OWL rosters are in shambles right now with all the players leaving, and that the tank players who’ve participated in the tests have expressed great worry.

Now, I’m aware that not all the adjustments are final yet, and that’s why they’re going to the trouble of having people test this build in the first place. However, The decision to remove the offtank role completely is simply insulting and alienating to all the players who’ve put in time to these characters over the years, especially those who do so professionally. It really feels like they’re just trying to cater towards dps because they have more chance of attracting new players. How about instead of losing the identity of the game and turning into ‘just another shooter’, we add more unique tanks that don’t emphasis barriers? Make the tank role look like one that would actually be fun and attractive to a dps player instead of the current build of OW2 where solo tank is just someone who exists for a while until being insta-deleted as soon as they do try to do anything. Again, these are PROFESSIONAL players testing this, some of the best tanks in the world, and they’re finding so little value and instantly dying in these play tests. That. is. a. problem.

Yeah. Because where the game is played properly, the issue is DPS has very little overall impact.

The game is suffocated by the picks of the tanks and supports.

So they remove a tank (stops dumb bunkers and double shield), hard nerf in combat healing (stops fights going on forever, even if you play Bap Brig).

As you say, things will get tweaked before we see it in a few months… But the idea is that they want your actions to feel impactful. At the moment, DPS just doesn’t have that unless the tanks/supports either hard pocket, or pop off.

If 1 of those 2 things aren’t happening… DPS will do very little most of the time (except for being blamed for the loss).

tbh, i think support healing is a bit of a detriment to overwatch overall because it makes everything that deals smaller increments of damage over time much worse than burst damage that delivers all of that damage all at once.

until they actually come up with a better basic design to base supports around i don’t think overwatch will feel all that good to anyone except the few that are on the good end of it all.

and ofcourse the forever debate of which heroes healing being too impactful or not impactful at all just seize to exist.

I get the problem, I’m just worried that they’re overcorrecting too far in the other direction. At least what we’ve seen of OW2 so far, DPS is by far the most powerful. The players testing it have also made that comment. The dev team has already said that they’re gonna be dialing back some heros like Sombra after the play tests and feedback, so it’s good that they’re listening and obviously still making adjustments. I do still remain skeptical that removing a tank was the best way to balance things, but at least they seem to be devoting a lot of time to making it feel good. I think what we’ve seen so far certainly doesn’t look balanced overall, and the pros who tested it seem to agree. Thankfully it’s not the final build and the experience is being used to make adjustments from the feedback. I’m glad they’ve been talkative lately, and I hope they continue to keep us informed, but I’m still very disappointed that although they’re listening to feedback from the tests, they still seem set on 5v5 no matter what.

Which is what they want.

DPS actually having an impact for the whole match.

Tanks being able to offer more than just take damage and get healed.

Supports having to be more than just heal bots.

Will finally force players to learn things like playing aggressively, map control and playing round health packs. Skills sorely missing lower down.

well they are gonna go back on the heal nerf pretty sure, less healing for in-combat fighting is just weird. but they will pretty much still hard pocket people pretty sure, it’s just gonna be more apparent if there’s only 1 tank which means the sole individual is gonna be even more benificial to pocket to carry now, like a nano genji or pharmercy etc.
so i’m guessing that’s the direction it will go, hard pocketing.

i still think healing characters is just inherently wrong in any fps games because it upsets the balance between different types of weapons making ones preferable over the other.

I doubt they’ll go back on it as such. Maybe just tone it down to a 20 or 15% reduction instead of the 25. But I think it needs to stay.

I agree. Supports should just be DPS with less dmg output, and a little bit of healing to top people up when with some form of utility and a protective ult. Basically Lucio, Zen as a blueprint.

idk if you read my “Radical Idea” post but yeah, that’s how i generally feel about it.
supports shouldn’t have healing imo, they should have crazy utility like symmetras teleport or baps lamp or mercys ressurect or lucios speed amp, and they should have average about the same damage output on normal fire but no DPS cooldowns.

for example if they just made syms beam like staticly at level 2 power not being able to be weaker or stronger than that then i would say that sym would be the ideal support character for what they should be.

and healing should come from map resources giving us the players more a chance to fight over secondary objectives.