A Small Nitpick On The New Rolequeue System


So my small nitpick is that, when a game gets ended early because someone left in the beginning you used to be able to just requeue and instantly find a game again because most of the players from the last game did the same. But now with rolequeue if you queue as a DPS you’ll have to wait another 5-8 min to find a game.
My idea of fixing this is that players that have to requeue because of this reason are placed higher in the Compedetive Queue or even at the top since they already waited their turn but cut short by somebody else’s mishap.

With best regards hktn.


Or why you wont queue with every role, so your queue times would be lower than 5 - 8 min? Learning like 2 hero from each role is not bad idea at all.


Because a) you’ll end up playing Tank only, and b) he doesn’t want to play Tank, he wants to play DPS.
Sensible suggestion on his part, I find this annoying as well when playing with DPS friends.


Well then it is persons own fault if he wants play Dps only and have to wait longer. It’s not bcoz game or role lock has designed " bad ", it’s bcoz most of players are too selfish to play other roles and get lower queue time. I suggest that after forced 2/2/2 there will be forcing differend roles too, like after you have queued 2 times Dps in row, it’s get locked and you have to queue either Tank or Support, thats way everyone can play every role with lower queue times. Personally i queue with everyrole and yeah most of games i get Tank, im okay with it bcoz forced 2/2/2 is like gift from gods, WE HAVE A HEALERS! But if they will change a role lock that you can only queue 2 times in a row at same role, then persons like me who queue with all roles will get more Dps and Support games too.


I don’t think its a players fault for wanting to play a role they selected, nor should DPS players be punished for picking their role.

Example that is given here and a suggestion on solving that seems reasonable to me, why they should wait again a long time to play what they want, especially when game ended because of another players fault (leaving the game).

Would you like a DPS only player in a Tank role, one they’re not good at or even one they don’t want to play in the first place?

I like introduction of Role Q but I think they should do their best to lower the Q times for DPS players, I know there is more players that want to play that role, but still it doesn’t make it fair.

I personally don’t want to play DPS role, so for example, if there was a shortage of DPS players should I be pushed to play that role even if I don’t want to?
That could turn players away from the game, I think we all start a game and pick a role we like/know how to play and try to enjoy our game time.


I would blame design anyways :slight_smile: You can make tanks more attractive to play, make them less dependent on support and able to deal with threats like doom, brig etc. :slight_smile: Make healers which can’t have 5 golds and e.g. get healing bonus when they are around tanks :slight_smile: It can be designed just smarter, not that you enforce yet more restrictions. People don’t like it.


I don’t blame any of the roles for a long role queue. But the fact is. There are less slots open for DPS than for tank or support. Since DPS played by so many. It’s not. Punishment it’s just how it is.