A typical night in bronze/silver

Game 1 - Very even, fun challenging game where we lost by seconds basically. And that’s fine. It was a good game.

Game 2 - Leaver - But we actually won that game anyway, so that was extra fun. But that doesn’t happen too often.

Game 3 - Full of smurfs, and yea, smurfs. Don’t try to convince me that smurfs are some kind of fairytale. We were totally smashed and the other team admitted that they were smurfing. Several in the team said: “I give up”, “there’s no point”, it doesn’t matter if we regroup" etc etc.

Game 4 - A Hanzo in our team that despite the team trying to communicate with him, in a nice way, totally ignored us. And I would be surprised if he hit 10 arrows that entire game. Which led to a loss, even though I countered and killed a lot. We simply didn’t have the dps to break through, and our second dps clearly didn’t care about really contributing to the team. So he should have played Quickplay.

Game 5. Smurfs again! A Hanzo that one-shotted everyone that basically just left the spawn and it was confirmed that it was a boost.

Game 6. We start in defence and the other team just ploughs through and gets all points. The result is a leaver, who just can’t handle a challenge.

Rinse and repeat. Smurfs, leavers, ignorant players etc.

Now, this is a very typical evening of OW in this rank, with ignorant snipers that can’t aim and don’t care if they help the team or not. Smurfs every other game and if your don’t end up against smurfs, you get leavers. There are hardly any “normal” games in this rank, facts!

Tell me, as a serious player, that wants to play as a team and really win every game, to climb in rank. How’s that going to happen?

And you ball-stretchers who say; “It’s easy to carry a team”, “stop moaning, you belong in the rank,” or “just play Pharah for a few games and you are in platinum”. WTF man?! Seriously?

If you have done that, and queued as solo, i’d love to see those streams.

From being in diamond for 2 seasons and now stuck in bronze/silver with this garbage, you can take your cool comments and slowly bury them where the sun rarely shines.

Players who want to get past bronze/silver have to be boosted out of it. No one can convince me otherwise.

Because I lose SR because of others, things that I can’t control. Full stop!

It may sound cocky and that I lack the ability to see my own flaws. But trust me, that’s not the case. Game after game I tell the team, “guys, i can’t do more than getting 12 elims and 5k damage per life in a team like this. I need help!”. “Can we please regroup and attack as a team?” - No response, and in the next second, someone jumps in on the point alone and dies in 2 seconds.

And any of you who play in this rank, probably know what kind of reply you normally get, if you get any.
Yea, either “FU!”, “I have gold damage!” (which is irrelevant) or “I don’t care!”.

Give me some proper feedback on this. I’m not interested in the common horse s**t that platinum+ players comment. Because it’s simply not true that it’s all about how I perform as a player. Forget it!

Yea, this is crying, big time! Because the game is broken.


The game isn’t broken. Even if the odd game is rough. You get them at all ranks.

Just watch the best players on stream. Even they get games where they just get hard rolled because it doesn’t click.

Of course your snipers “can’t aim”, it is bronze.

No it isn’t easy to carry… but if you can’t, that means you are at your peak/too high.

If you are adamant it isn’t you… then post your last 10 games for someone to check over.

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I know exactly how you feel Jarhead as I am in the exact same boat.
Im on the OCE server where its Smurf and deranking players heaven.
You are 100% right. Getting boosted out is the only way.
What Ive learnt is to be nice and friend as many smurfs that you can and pray they will help you out.
Ive been sruck in <500SR hell for three straight season.

Im sure RodimusPrime will reply with a smart arse answer because apprently thats his full time job. A pity he lacks actual constructive feedback


If you’ve been stuck there. It is because that is your skill.

Show the class your last 10 games and prove that you are better if you want to be taken seriously.

Otherwise, it is on you to make the adjustments required to play at a higher level.

That is “actual constructive feedback”. You want to play in a higher rank… Play like it. Just quickly looking at your stats on a 3rd party site, I’d say you are not doing enough in games to have enough of an impact.

Hey Jarhead I think I played with you one time and your attitude in game is very defeatist, which does lead to worse performance and more critically seeing your teammates dumb mistakes which leads to your own worse playing again. It is very hard to deal with but you just gotta go into every game like nobody is on your side and take every opportunity to look behind you to make sure people are moving with you. After that try work with the second best player in the team to combo ults and abilitiies. And finally say a prayer that your team works better than the enemy. It has nothing to do with your skill, the matchmaking is ****ing trash. I was almost plat in tank 3 seasons in a row and now I’m literally hard stuck in silver but I don’t believe it’s my lack of skill, it’s the ****ing cursed community and my own mindset that only makes it harder to grind out. But i’ve done it 100 times before so just keep on keeping on. You’ll get there eventually and it won’t be fun, but you’ll get there.

I was with you till you turned and claimed it isn’t to do with skill… lol.

46% and 31% win rates on your 2 most played tanks so far suggests what you are not really doing enough to turn games in your favour.

The key to moving up a rank is consistency.

My rank goes up and down on tank all the time… because I am inconsistent. I’ve gone plat to diamond, to gold, to silver, to plat to gold.

It is all because I don’t play well enough, often enough.

You’re just a troll, skill has nothing to do with throwers feeders and noobs in a game where you need to play as a team to suceed. And looking at my win rate? That’s precisely why I’m in a low rank right now. Nothing else.

And that is why you will stay there.

Give the codes for your last 10 games… I doubt they were as bad as you claim.

(disagreeing with you isn’t trolling. which people would move on from that retort. it is lazy)

You win more if your luck is better too.

And you win more if you play better.

No you’re right playing better is the only factor in win rate.

It is the primary factor.

If you play tank… you have the ability to completely control the map, tempo and everything about the game. If you do that badly, you lose.

Even if you subscribe to the theory that…

  • 1/3 of matches you can’t lose
  • 1/3 you can’t win
  • 1/3 are 50/50 and totally up to you popping off more than them.
    (a theory some youtubist came up with ages ago)

then your win rates suggest you are only winning the games you can’t lose, and not impacting the others. Which, maybe, means you have very little impact in matches.

I’d like to think not, but it is a possibility.

What are the results of your last 10 matches? Seeing as that’s all you will have in the replay viewer.

Well I’ve been playing dps mainly tonight and it’s at 5 wins 1 draw 4 losses.

As for skill just look at my overall comp win rates they’re all much closer to 50% based on ~50 hours playtime, but suddenly the game puts me in silver and I can’t get out and lose loads of games. That is one hundred percent luck.

You can only carry so much my friend. And if you gotta play at a diamond level to carry 3 teammates then I’m sorry but your luck in the matchmaking draw is more clearly more important than your individual skill.

If you are getting around 50% WR after a good number of games in a season… you are in the right rank.

Lower than 50% - you started too high / getting worse
Higher than 50% - you started too low / are improving

If you play “at diamond” level in bronze/silver games you won’t just carry… you will completely roll people.

Most of the deranked trolls that you occasionally see in bronze rolling people are just disgruntled diamond players that couldn’t push past that barrier.

Even me, a 2044sr DPS player… would be able to roll and spawn camp.

Since you guys have been doing nothing but arguing without good arguments, let me break this down. This might sound arrogant from a masters player, but it is what it is.

The enemy team has 6 randoms, your team has 5. The chances of them having a thrower is greater than your own team having a thrower, assuming that you aren’t throwing yourself. Same thing unfortunately goes for smurfs, but these inconsistencies define a rank. Maybe you will keep losing games due to smurfs, but then you have to carry others and over time that will result in you being a certain rank.

After having played enough you will come to realize that by consistency being slightly smarter than you usually are, the math dictates, that you will gain sr.

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It’s a problem, and it’s impacting on enjoyable game play when it happens.

Most at bronze know we are not God’s gift to gaming, but still are here to enjoy the thrill of a competitive game.

Most of us are all too aware that we will lose games. And we learn from our losses. These games against smurfs, they don’t give you a chance to learn. Not at bronze anyway.

We are not deflecting away from our own inadequacies. We are simply stating there is a problem and the problem is not us.

We know our problems!

I sadly do not see an easy way to rectify it, but at least it’s reasonable for those of us experiencing this to vent and be vocal about it.

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Sadly, the biggest problem for any player at any rank is themselves.

They will just blame anything else though.

Greetings @Jarhead, I am at Silver atm with Support and Dps,and I enjoy in game alot,no reason to liar you I even don’t know you.My suggstion for you,try to play as team full party,try to add new ppl,make a friendship ,in this game is all about team work,if u not coperate you won’t archive goal.But you have to undrstend,focus is all beside team work.I haven’t read you at all,these things happend to me but not everyday,to get dc in the game is possible to everyone,to get bad player as well,as I noted this things is not happend everyday.I wish you all the best in the future!

Bronze and silver is much harder to find a decent game than gold and above due to the nature that its team based and at a low level you’ll get more throwers, quiters and people that can’t play the game. Some bronze tanks could get 100k health and still get killed. It sucks if your trying.

Not true. At bronze the rate in which players sabotage matches through quiting is much higher than any other level.