Account still hasn’t merged after FOUR MONTHS

I know this is a know issue but I have been round and round in circles with the tech support team and they told me to leave a form post for the second time so I’m making a second post, it’s getting pretty ridiculous and frustrating that I’ve spent quite a bit of money on this game and I pre-ordered overwatch 1 but now all my items and play time has gone down the drain because my account hasn’t been merged, like I said I know this is a know issue but from what I’ve seen we’ve had no update about it since the end of October 4 months ago. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask to have my account manually merged if possible or for some sort of compensation considering I’ve been following this game from the start


While there were some issues with console to account merges, those were addressed late Oct/early Nov.

Since then players should have been able to link their console accounts and go through the merge process without issue.

Most of the reports we have seen since were the result of players either not linked properly, or they had multiple accounts and had previously linked to another account prior.

OW progress cannot be merged between accounts. If you have more than one account (and it looks like you do) then chances are you were previously linked to a different account and all of your previously earned progress was merged to that account. (This cannot be undone or moved)

The forums are for community based troubleshooting of localized technical issues affecting the system, network or game client. What you are seeing is an account issue, which would not be fully addressable here.

I cannot discuss specific account information or anything like that via the forums so I suggest you submit a ticket reporting exactly what you are encountering and the responding agent should be able to provide you with more information on why it is the case.

Generally speaking, based on what I can see, you had 2 accounts, your progress was originally merged to a different account than the one you used to make this forum post and is likely the reason you cannot merge any progress to this current account.

Please remember though that progress on a account cannot be moved to another account. You will have to make a decision on which account to continue using from here on out. The ticket submission would be more for informational or account recovery purposes if you need assistance recovering access to your other account. (You can submit a ticket by clicking on your name at the top right of this page, choosing support, then contact support.

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I linked a different battlenet account to my xbox live account, for the heroes of the storm event in 2016. That battlenet account has since been closed.
After that I linked, and CONFIRMED that this account was linked to my xbox account.
It gave me the day one items that were unlocked with codes on my xbox account, but not the loot box skins I earned with 1000 hours of my time.
I don’t buy that this is my fault. I want somone to look into these cases and tell us what’s going on.

Did you get widow noir and commander morrison skins?

I merged my account and some of my things got mereged like coins and gold wepons but most of my skins are missing like Symtra skins Sombra skins Mercy skins Domfist skins and most of the charchters. Why is that I merged my accounts and my skins are still missing help me!