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Hi there,

So I have 2 accounts. One of them got suspended for advertising my twitch channel. The email i received says bad language. I want to know, but from a blizzard guy… if possible how is posting a twitch channel once per match spamming or bad language? Please make me understand. It is also blizzard related because I only stream overwatch? Thank you


You deserve it. No one gives a crap about your stream


Also from Overwatch’s “report system” thing:
“Spam is:
Overly repetitive communication that disrupts the use of normal communication channels, or advertisement of third party websites or services.


yeah, I understand, and I too don’t want advertisement spam every match, but it is a little mentally defective… seeing as blizzard is in bed with Twitch for broadcasts of the OWL and contenders for millions of dollars lol

that’s like having every member of blizzard staff mandatorily drink exclusively coca cola and yet firing people for having the bottles

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