Add a surrender mode for comp

when a player leaves the match, it makes it very hard to actually play the gamemode as it becomes a 5v6. my suggestion is that you make a way so that the team doesn’t have to waste their time and the enemy’s on a match that is over

I’ve won some matches 5v6.

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I won a game 1v6 the other week…

But that was a weird situation… 5 of my team were being racist. Then got worse when I asked them to stop and left voice. So they wanted to “throw”.

The enemy were also disgusted by their behaviour so let me win so stick it to them.

Luckily the racists all added me to abuse me more. So I sent them the game code and laughed at them.

They unfriended very quickly after watching.

You can just simply wait 2 minutes and leave the match with no punishment