All-Stars 'Last Chance'...for what?


They mention ‘Last Chance’ in the image, but Last Chance for what? is it to get the skins? But last year I recall that the skins were at 200 tokens, then inexplicably lowered to 100 tokens.

Is it really the last chance to purchase the All-Star skins or will they still be around until after OWL 2019? Cuz in which case I would wait to see if they get lowered to 100 tokens again

EDIT: Am I completely misremembering? Apparently it was 300 tokens last year then taken down to 200


According to blizz they’re available until august 27th, after that no more. No chance to get them after. You can wait and see if they lower it but you got until end of august


The skins are available until the 22nd.

Where did you see << last chance >>? in what image?

I know there’s some kind of promotion with Upper Decks that make collectible cards and it’s over by midnight today (17th).


I read 27th of august yesterday, on blizz webpage, can’t find it now though…


That date (August 17-27) was for the all stars skins from last year (Genji and Tracer). Those skins were originally going to be 300 tokens, but the price was reduced to 200 tokens. Btw, the price was reduced on August 14, before the skins were available, so no one paid 300 tokens for them.

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Mercy and Lucio skins will be available until May 22 according to the official announcement in twitter.

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