Alt accounts suck


I know people are sad enough to buy this game more than once, thats totally fine, but can we please can some form of prime matchmaking, im sick of running into smurfs who destory rank balance or people who just throw because it doesnt matter to them because its not a main account, its fekking stupid the amount of comp games i go into and not face equal teams


I was in a game today with 9 smurfs, it was more like we were out of place instead of them :rofl: The worst part is half of them were insulting and swearing all game because they don’t care if that account gets banned.


it does suck being in that situation but it also sucks when you learnt on your main and then your stuck in bronze because you didnt know what you were doing … ive climbed out of bronze to gold and its seriously hurt my love of the game , blizzard need to fix the MMR thats the real issue here. because to me as to other people its like if you steam roll, then the next game your getting paired with no hoppers who honestly how the EFF are you the same rank as me ? its a 6 on 6 game you cannot win 1v6 unless your a dead set god and even then 6 reasonable players should be able to stop you.


Ive been from plat in the first season and hit gm in season 6, then decayed to diamond and the rank is just filled with these guys, its hard to call it “ranked” when half the teams are made up of smurfs, and blizzards shoddy excuse of they soon make it to the rank they play at is worthless, it means nothing now just because of how rampant they are.


Naah we smurfs and alt accounts aren’t a problem at all papa jeff himself said that smile :slight_smile:


Good players dont have smurfs in diamond so no worries


Nah they dont however the real problem is that we need alt account just to play certain heroes, and before you say anything do consider the fact a GM rein one trick can’t play dps in GM maybe in diamond in some cases masters but not in GM there for this Rein player is forced onto alt acount if he does’t wanna ruin games in GM, the overwatch experience does’t allow you to play what you want in its current state that’s the real issue right now and often alt account does’t even fix that, because you still need tanks would’t want a GM rein playing in low elo as Rein would you ?


Stop trying to push this agenda. Having a different MMR for each hero would mean that there wont be switching during a game anymore. You pick and thats it. It will change the core of the whole game, the entire philosophy. Sorry but I’d rather see smurfs punished than this, the game is not supposed to be made better for them.


Just gonna go ahead here and be honest most GM+ tanks cannot even perform at diamond level as a DPS, aimwise, maybe only on the mechanics they learned from playing with and against high level dps players.


Well smurfs happen because high rank sux atm.
Nearly every damn game in high masters and low gm i end up facing or getting forced by my team to play the same 8 heroes mix’d in to 2-4 teamcomps.
You have your Rein Zarya Lucio as a base then then you start picking from there. add 1 healer ana or 2 healers Brig and Zen. If its 1 healer you can sneak in Winston or a Dps and thats about it.
Have to say, Dps mains have to play something and if its not highrank it will be smurfing.
Not to mention that dps get reported in high rank since everyone only needs tanks and then supports.


I think blizzard should do something about smurfs, i’ve encountered to many of them in comp it’s crazy.

They are all just ruining the game experience for everyone else, like what do they want to prove exactly?

What’s the point?


In my opinion there is a difference between an alt account and a smurf. An alt account is someone who buys a seccond account with the intention to play new heroes or a different role without compromising their rank. A smurf is someone who buy a second account to intentionally play at a lower rank. However, I feel like the smurf “issue” is over exaggerated and i reality you are just facing good players who are unlucky with the matchmaking system


Yet another thread about ‘smurfs’ when they’re in fact, just better than you. You can’t prove someone is a ‘smurf’.


You can if their level is 35 and they are playing clearly tiers above the current game. Chances are better that they are smurfs than some late boy genius who finds the game just now.


The only thing i dislike is a GM tracer main throwing down as low elo as possible to play Tracer at low elo, if that Tracer player sucks at 1 hero and only plays that hero that is fine, anyone that disagrees with me probably just wants a free boost however i assume anyone agrees.

anyway smurfing would become imposible if they did hero based MMR and SR that Tracer would need to throw on Tracer then first hint Tracer shows skill systems would detect it in no time and apply suspension.