Am i being carried by my friend?

I’ve been playing Overwatch on and off since 2019, with a total of 600 hours, according to my profile. Most of these hours were spent on tank heroes, primarily Winston (100 hours), Reinhardt (75 hours), and Orisa (50 hours). I’ve played 400 hours on quick play, as I was once bronze in competitive and struggled to improve. However, by the end of Overwatch 1, I made it to low gold (2000 - 2100 SR).

I wasn’t playing competitive Overwatch 2 much until I started playing with my friend. He has about 3000 hours in Team Fortress 2 and currently one-tricks Torbjorn. When we first started playing together, we were both in low gold, with him having no rank as he had never played competitive before and wasn’t familiar with some game concepts, such as countering. But after playing together, he has moved up to plat 4 and I’m close to gold 1 in gold 2.

So, my question is, am I being carried by my friend? I generally have better stats than him, but not always. I did play a few games alone in gold 4 and 3 after our initial games together and won most of them. I want to know because I don’t want to think I’ve been carried.

I currently play Orisa and Winston in my comp games if that helps.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Way too hard to say without not having watched at least several replays of your games together. It’s possible that you two just synergize well or something. In general, just make sure you never feed - that’s probably the most important thing.


Keep in mind if you duo queue with someone on your skill level both of you will start climbing. At least you too will work together instead of no one. Also one less player who will ragequit/leave the game.