Another day, another leaver

The last month or so I have seen a huge increase in leavers in comp.
Some nights its every third game.

Damn. Not good.

Anything that can be done to help?

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Yep, the game isn’t very stable clearly.
They still haven’t done anything to deal with the SR loss the team suffers because of it.

It really ruins the game if you’re into ranked.

I’m not sure I see that much impact.

If you don’t play many games, sure it can feel like a big impact. So I get why it would feel more annoying.

Last season I played around 400 matches. Probably has leavers impact around 10-15 games at most. So doesn’t impact my SR progress.

In short… For that 1 match, annoying yes. Will it impact a season. No

Just my view obviously.

In my opinion there is a way it impacts the season all low levels you have atleast 1 leaver a match and if you get stomped in the first game almost all yoyr team leaves so there is nothing you an do but lose SR

Agreed. And this will impact your season if you barely play. Like only play about 20 matches after placements.

If you’re a frequent player. It’s not going to do enough to make you rank below where you should be.

I’m a frequent player, and frequently I get a leaver.
Very damaging to the rank.