Any one else had a a leaver or thrower every dam game


im just wondering if its only me or what. But every game this season has had one leaver or one thrower /afk player Ive lost 500/600 sr this season alone was steadily climbing through plat now im low mid gold i don’t understand how there can be so many throwers any more its either some one doesnt get to play who they want or like a 3 stack just running around doing sh*t, even when i group up its the same way

is it just me or is this a problem for others


Nope. it’s not just you. 90% of my matches are ruined by a leaver, thrower or troll (sometimes all three). The reporting system is a complete and utter failure. I have had the same ten or so players ruining my matches for over a year now, and not a single one of them has ever been banned. EVER. If Blizzard try to convince you that they are intent on removing these vermin, know that that they are lying and simply don’t care about the unfortunates who have bought their game. Blizzard only care about esports.


I’ve seen the same, so far people get upset at me just for mentioning it. Comp has no real incentive for good play; maybe lock it for anyone without level 2-3 endorsements or above?


Total nonsense, i record my games a lot so i have proof and honestly leaver is rarely thing. Maybe one in idk 20 games.


Your experience really doesn’t disprove ours.


I did several runs on new accounts with keeping informations about games, not once i experienced so many leavers. Show me proof then, record set of games as you play, sample idk 50 games. I would even trust you if you would write down your next 50 games in here. Or make new topic for that. So 50 games, write down every leaver on your side when he really affected outcome of the game and dont count when someone let and came back within reasonable time. I am really interested to see that. Just be honest about it and dont cheat.


Yesterday the enemy team had in 2 games a leaver, my team 4 times, and 1 time someone who was afk the whole match, and 1 time someone who trolled because he didnt like a teammates hero pick. 2 games were great.


Just do what i suggested above 50 your next games with honest info.


My last two games had leavers on my team. Since the beginning of this season it has been a spin on the roulette wheel as to if my team or the opposing team has a leaver. It is far too common at bronze SR, I’ve dropped around 200 points just from leavers in the last week.


200 SR Its 8 games with leaver, thats a lot, i cant hardly believe you, how much you gained back? Dont tell me enemy teams didnt have leaver. Usualy when someone leave, game was already probably lost.


My net loss this week from leavers is ~200SR. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. It is unlikely you’re in the same time zone and you’re certainly not playing within the same brackets so you have nothing reasonable to base your comment on. If I had to guess, there is a disproportionate amount of leavers in bronze. Those who leave need to be punished more severely to disincentivise it.

I’m pretty new to competitive and the last week has almost convinced me to give it up. Of the last 30 games, 10 have had leavers on my team, 2 on enemy team. Not to mention the toxicity and occasional game sabotage. At least I’m getting messages back from Bliz that they’ve taken action from my reports about that.

Perhaps instead of doubting our situation, you could suggest something?


Sorry i dont believe you without proof. I have bad experience with players saying something here when reality is different. I have been in bronze several times. I played in normal times usualy after work or whole days on weekends. Few seasons back number of leavers went down. Yes in very low bronze you can find more leavers but in normal bronze above 1000 its same as higher. I had multiple runs with different accounts and its usualy the same. Its definitely not as bad as people say. Human brain works in a way that you will remember bad thing and experience much more than good one. Just try what i said.

Do note about your every game in sample of idk 30 or 50 games and count leavers on your side. But do it right, count only leavers who gave you serious disadvantage and you lost because of them. I sometimes have people who leave mid game and they will come back after while, they are not affecting outcome most of the time. Sometimes you have game when enemy team pushed payload and you cant even taje first point. People fighting ech other in your team. If someone will leave ať this point it doesnt matter 99% because its loss anyway.

I am trying to say that leaver who will leave soon after start or mi game and never come back is kind of rare.

There is only one thing i can suggest to you. Be nice to others and keep team morale up so people will not tilt and leave.


Short of recording and uploading every match, there is nothing I can do to convince you and it seems that even then… I can’t see you doing that. You just can’t seem to grasp that other people in other brackets in other timezones can have a different experience to you. (I’m currently sitting at SR1318 and I am in Australia)

That is basically victim blaming by implying that it is my fault people are leaving. It is not.


You said you have a lot of leavers, there is big possibilty you are toxic in games because toxic people tilt others a lot. Idk its just logic explenation. I am not saying you are, its just weird you would have more leavers than enemy teams.

Again, be nice, friendly, supportive, boosting morale. So you have less chance for leavers.


They should have permanent bans. For example, you have a thrower on your team and you report him and if blizzard finds that he was throwing he should get perma ban( doesn’t matter if it is the first time) so that it is a serious punishment and people are less likely to do it.
just my opinion


How exactly blizzard could now if he is throwing? Just because someone said that? Only idiot jumps off cliff. Smart people play worse. So they go down.


its just you…
20 characters


are you on comms? do you communicate?
Do you tilt people by stupid hero picks, you are trash with?
These things would explain a lot of throwers/leavers on your team.


Only way to counter this is to throw before anyone else can start throwing. #Deadmemegame


I have noticed the leaver thing more commonly recently, played about 10 games yesterday and 5 games had a leaver.

3 of the games the lever left when it was going very bad for a team, stomping first point or something. Never coming back

2 games was leavers that was away for half the match and then got back.

I wish they would increase punishments for leavers and DC issues, if you can’t fix you network you should play quickplay until you notice its stable, Can’t get stable connection? stay away from competative and don’t ruin others gameplay